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African Politics

Print Sources

Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience. (Ref. DT 14 .A37435 1999)

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa. (Ref. DT 2 .E53 1997; also available electronically—follow electronic link from Library Catalog record)

Encyclopedia of African Peoples. (Ref. DT 15 .E53 2000)

Encyclopedia of African Nations and Civilizations. (Ref. DT 14 .E43 2002)

Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara. (Ref. DT 351 .E53 1997)

African Boundaries: A Legal and Diplomatic Encyclopedia. (Ref. DT 31 .B776)Encyclopedia of African History. (Ref DT 20 .E53 2005, 3 vols.) Scholarly articles. This is a good place to explore a research topic.

New Encyclopedia of Africa. (Ref. DT 2 .N48 2008)

Encyclopedia of African History. (Ref DT 20 .E53 2005, 3 vols.) Scholarly articles. This is a good place to explore a research topic.


Black Africa: A Comparative Handbook. (Ref. DT 352.8 .M67 1989)
This book is getting to be a bit dated but most of part two, country profiles, is still timely.


NOTE: There are historical dictionaries on almost every African country throughout the DT call numbers; the series is published by Scarecrow Press.


The Europa World Year Book. (Ref. JN 1 .E85)
Covers countries and international associations as above but the Introductory Surveys for each country are much more extensive. Annual.

Political Handbook of the World. (Ref. JF 37 .P6)
Similar to all above but emphasis is on politics. Annual.

Africa Contemporary Record. (Ref. DT 1 .L43 1978-88; 1968-78 on 3rd floor, DT 1 .L43)
Arranged by country. Includes narrative on political affairs, defenses, social and foreign affairs. In the back you will find documents of states and organizations.


An Atlas of Africa. (G 2445 .H6)

Cultural Atlas of Africa. (Ref. G 2446 .E1 C8 1998)

Historical Atlas of Africa. (Ref. G 2446 .S1 H5 1985)


Africa Bibliography. Available from 2006 through current.


Dictionary of African Historical Biography. (Ref. DT 352.5 .L55 1978b)

Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara. (Ref. DT 352.8 .P63 1992)

Dictionary of African Biography. (Ref. DT 18 .D55, 3 vols.)

An African Biographical Dictionary. (Ref. DT 18 .B76 2006; also online)


Chronology of African History. (Ref. DT 17 .F73)

Internet Sources

Meta Sites or Gateways

African Studies Internet Resources
Besides electronic journals, newspapers and bibliographies, one will find links to associations, regions, and countries and a whole lot of topics. For example, if you click on music and dance you can listen online to a radio station in Nairobi.

Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
This site will get you to libraries, newspapers, subject sources and country information.


Country Studies
From the Library of Congress, this series provides extensive book-length information on a country.

World Factbook From the CIA, this book provides profile information about a country such as people, geography, and economy plus statistical information. Rudimentary maps.

This site is good for book reviews and discussion forums.

African National Congress Homepage

An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet
Most sites are sub-divisions of AFRICA. Includes a Google search engine.

Worldwide Governments on the WWW
This is good for "factual" information--political parties, consulates, embassies, etc.

Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent
This site allows you to listen to songs, greetings and rites and ceremonies from different countries.

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
No focus here; just a variety of sources on Africa.

Africa South of the Sahara
Good for country and regional information.

Africa Country Pages
This is also good for country information. Be sure to click on the Home Page and there are links to other resources.

Center for African Studies
From the University of Illinois. Pay attention to the links off to the left and right, especially Arts & Culture and Country Information. The latter will get you to some maps, some of which are not included below.

Africa Server
Links to countries, music and dance, news, subjects.

Africa News Online
400 stories from 60 African sources every day. Organized by country and topic.

Background Notes
Provides basic information about a country for diplomats posted overseas.

Index on Africa
Arranged by country and subject. For each country the site covers health, culture, media, politics and much more.


Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography

Several bibs on this site including one dealing with women.

Maps and Atlases

Africa Maps - Extensive collection.

Map of Africa
This is a simple map of the continent.


Afrol Documents
Arranged by topic and country.

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