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Print Sources


A Select Bibliography of Chemistry. (Ref. QD 31 .A1 B69 1966-67)
This four-volume work includes: v.1, a basic list of titles from 1492-1892; first suppl., (I-VII), includes titles omitted in v.1 and brings the literature up to 1897; first suppl., (VIII), includes only dissertations; second suppl., (I-VIII), continues the work until 1902. Divided into eight sections: Bibliography, Dictionaries, History, Biography, Chemistry, Alchemy, Periodicals and Academic Dissertations. Lists 18,000 works.


The ACS Style Guide. (Ref. QD 8.5 .A25 2006)
Besides covering the traditional purview of a style manual (e.g., footnotes, bibliographies), this book contains chapters on making effective oral presentations, manuscript submission in machine-readable form and copyrights. See also the  American Chemical Society's Citation Style for Internet Sources.


Guides are a good place to go when you don't know where you're going. Their common features include reviews, computer searching, indexes and abstracts, encyclopedias and the major reference books. Some guides that Kresge owns include.; How to Find Chemical Information (1998); Chemistry Sources in the Electronic Aghe (ref QD 8.5 W64 1988) .which is organized by topic, e.g., bonding, atoms, etc. The Literature of Chemistry: Recommended Titles for Undergraduate Chemistry Library Collections (Ref. Z 675 .C47 D68 2004) evaluates books, journals and websites.


Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry. (Ref. QD 4 .M33 1997; 4 vols.)
Contains 700 articles covering a "broad range of topics that are generally associated with chemistry": subdisciplines, branches, substances, key ideas, biographical entries. Entries contain bibliographies. Volume 1 contains periodical table of elements, journal abbreviations, and common abbreviations and symbols. Volume 4 contains Nobel prize winners in chemistry.

Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

. (Ref. TP 9 .E685 1991)

Twenty-five volumes plus supplement. Alphabetically arranged essays with bibliographies. Essays are frequently extensive.

Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry. (Ref. QD 148 .E53 1994)
Eight volumes. Alphabetically arranged with cross references and extensive bibliography and index. Includes articles on important aspects of bio-organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, solid state chemistry. The reader might also want to use Inorganic Chemical Nomenclature (Ref. QD 149 .B59 1990).

Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology. (Ref. TP 1110 .E53 2003)
Twelve volumes. Seeks to "present a comprehensive account of polymer science and technology." Articles are frequently long, written by authorities and include references.

Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. (Ref. QD 77 .E53 1995)
Eight volumes. Lists over 2000 reagents, alphabetically arranged and with detailed subject index. Information for each reagent contains data on solubility, purification and physical data.

Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry.   (Ref. QD 95 .E55 2000)

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry.  (Ref. QD 71.5 .E52 2000)
This 15-volume set  provides state of the art essays on analytical chemistry. Excellent references and cross references to related articles.

Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry. (Ref. QD 415 .A25 E53 2004) 4 vols. Each entry has a glossary, cross references and bibliographies.


Chemistry: Foundations and Applications. (Ref. QD 4 .C48 2004 ) 4 vols. Provides 509 articles on a broad range of topics. Entries contain cross references, bibliographies and there is a glossary at the end of each volume.

Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Six Languages. (Ref. QD 5 .D5 1966)
Languages include English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian.

Comprehensive Organic Chemistry: The Synthesis and Reactions of Organic Compounds. (Ref. QD 245 .C65 1979)

Patterson's German-English Dictionary for Chemists. (Ref. QD 5 .P3 1991)

Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry. (Ref. QD 5 .D26 1981)

Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary. (Ref. QD 5 .C5 1997)

Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry. (Ref. QD 5 .D4985 2008)

Here are some online dictionaries.

The Chemistry Consortium Online Dictionary

Glossary of Terms Used in Physical Organic Chemistry

Beilstein Dictionary   (German to English and reverse)

Electrochemistry Dictionary


CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. (Ref. QD 65 .H3)
Sections include Mathematical Tables, the Elements, and Inorganic Compounds, Organic Compounds, General Chemicals, General Physical Constants and Miscellaneous.

Lange's Handbook of Chemistry. (Ref. QD 65 .L36)
A standard reference tool. Sections cover Math, Atomic and Molecular Structure, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Thermodynamic Properties, Physical Properties, and General Information and Conversion Tables.

Merck Index. (Ref. RS 51 .M4 2006; CD available at the Circulation Desk - one week check out period)
Includes descriptions of substances, structural formulas, and names of chemicals and drugs. The miscellaneous tables include such things as Greek and Roman alphabets, universal conversion factors, Latin terms and much more. Since the 10th edition, the scope has been broadened to incorporate more information on biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, metabolism, agriculture and the environment.

Handbook of Inorganic Compounds. (Ref. QD 155.5 .H36 1995)
Consists of data for 3326 selected gas, liquid and solid compounds. Material for each entry includes the chemical elements, binary components and metal salts of some simple organic acids.

Atlas of Spectral Data and Physical Constants for Organic Compounds. ( Ref. QD 257.7 .G7 1975)

CRC Handbook of Data on Organic Compounds. (Ref. QD 257.7 .C73 1985)

Diverse Atoms: Profiles of the Chemical Elements. (Ref. QD 466 .R63 1998)

Chemical Technicians' Ready Reference Handbook. ( Ref. QD 61 .S58 1981)
This is a standard handbook providing information on techniques and procedures, measuring temperatures, heating and cooling etc.

Chemical Elements:  From Carbon to Krypton.   (Ref. QD 466 .N464 1999)
Three volumes, provides overview, discovery, naming and uses of elements.

CRC Handbook Series in Organic Electrochemistry.   (Ref. QD 272 .E4 C17)

CRC Handbook of Organic Analytical Reagents.   (Ref. QD 77 .C73 1982)

CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis.   (Ref. QD 78 .B78 1989)


4000  Years of Women in Science

American Men and Women of Science (Ref. Q 141 .A47) Provides short biographical sketches on American scientists.
Internet Sources

Meta Sites,Directories

WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry


Quick Reference

Web Elements Periodic Table

Conversion of Units

Common Weights and Measures

Scorecard. Evaluates toxic sites where you live.

Nobel Prize Winners

Searchable database by common name, CAS registry number or molecular weight and formula.

American Elements Describes the research use of the elements and properties, safety data and applications.

Martindale's Calculators Online



Internet Public Library's Chemical Sciences.

The World of Chemistry Contains 26 videos on such topics as molecules, electrons, protons.

Chemistry Resources on the Internet.

WWW Chemistry Resources.

CHEMINFO.   Searchable by controlled vocabulary and natural language.

BUBL LINK's Chemistry Covers these topics:

Chemistry: general resources
Chemistry: companies
Chemistry: departments
Chemistry: education
Chemistry: journals
Chemistry: societies
Physical and theoretical chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry

ChemWeb.com Good for leading databases and journals. Also good for subjects. Sign in required.

Chemistry.org The website of the American Chemical Society

CHEMnetBase Provides access to several chemistry dictionaries. Other titles are by subscription.

NIST Chemistry WebBook Provides thermochemical data for organic and inorganic compounds and IR spectra, mass spectra and UV/VIS spectra.

NIST Virtual Library (Chemistry) The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides information about technical subjects. Off to to right you will see a navigation bar. Click on CHEMISTRY and you will get a list of data bases, periodic tables, associations and other web resources.

Hazardous Substances Data Bank "HSDB is a toxicology data file on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It is enhanced with information on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, and related areas. All data are referenced and derived from a core set of books, government documents, technical reports and selected primary journal literature. HSDB is peer-reviewed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP), a committee of experts in the major subject areas within the data bank's scope. HSDB is organized into individual chemical records, and contains over 4800 such records."

WWW Chemistry Guide Covers:

Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Databases
Chemical Dictionaries
Chemical Education
Chemical Encyclopedias
Chemistry Blogs
Chemistry Directories
Chemistry Journals
Chemistry Software
Combinatorial Chemistry
General Chemistry
Green Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Safety Data Sheets
Organic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Peptide Chemistry
Periodic Table of the Elements
Physical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry

Tox Town "An introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks you might encounter in everyday life, in everyday places."

PubChem "PubChem provides information on the biological activities of small molecules.


is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 26 million structures from hundreds of data sources.

Bubl Links Organic Chemistr

Archives of ChemEd (discussion group)

Chemistry Links
This is one of the best sources that I have seen;its diviided by sub topic like oganic, inorganic. Many links within the topics which take you to the literature of a certain field.

Common Compound Library

Electronic Journals

Elsevier Chemistry Journals
This site is a listing of journals, organized by subject, published by Elsevier. You won't get full text but you will get contents and frequently an abstract.

ACS Journals and Magazines (American Chemical Society).

See also LC*LG:  The Magazine of Separation Science which also provides table of contents  in the area of liquid and gas chromatography.

Online Texts

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table "This "online textbook" is designed to provide a thorough, in-depth treatment of this topic at the first-year college or advanced-HS levels, with a special focus on the underlying concepts. "

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