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Civil War and Reconstruction Pathfinder

Encyclopedias and Overviews
The American South: A Historical Bibliography. (Ref. F 209 .A45 1985) Two vols. Vol. 1 is organized by period. Each entry contains a citation and abstract of article.
Primary Sources

Selected Civil War Photographs

Documenting the American South - This site is good for electronic texts, the southern homefront and slave narratives.

Know Southern History - Use for biographies, a timeline of southern history and links to cultural sources.

American South.org - Use for identifying primary sources in southern history.

The American Civil War Homepage - This is an outstanding source.     

Nineteenth Century Documents Project - Links to the following topics: Early National Politics, Slavery/Sectionalism, Nebraska Bill, Sumner Caning, Dred Scott Decision, John Brown/Harper's Ferry, 1850s Statistical Almanac, 1860 Election, Secession/War, Post Civil War, Text Analysis Tools, Related Sites.

Civil War and Reconstruction - Links to the following topics:

  • WWW sites
  • Full text Histories
  • Scholarly Articles and Reviews
  • Primary sources
  • Coming of the War 1850-59
  • Political Crisis 1860
  • Secession
  • Lincoln Administration
  • Homefront South
  • Homefront North
  • Emancipation & Freedmen
  • Military: Topics
  • Military: Battles
  • Soldiers & Veterans
  • Graphics & Sound
  • Teaching Aids
  • Reconstruction

Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)

Links to:

  • Africans in America: Judgment Day, 1831-1865 - An illustrated narrative about the period, a resource bank containing biographies, primary sources, commentary from modern historians, and a teacher's guide. The companion to the PBS series.
  • The American Civil War - Current, comprehensive, and well-organized set of links on Civil War topics such as battles, music, and women in the war. Maintained by Jim Janke at Dakota State University.
  • The American Civil War Home Page - Gateway to Internet resources on the American Civil War. Includes public and personal documents, visual documents, and maps. Maintained by George Hoemann at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.
  • American Civil War Collections - The University of Virginia presents six collections of Civil War letters, including letters from both Confederate and Union soldiers.
  • American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass - An introduction to Douglass's life and work, illustrated with photographs of Douglass, his home, and various possessions. From the National Park Service.
  • Andrew Johnson Impeachment Trial - Detailed information about the impeachment, from Douglas O. Linder of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School.
  • The Civil War in the Classroom - This companion site to the Ken Burns documentary provides ready-to-use lesson plans, including lessons on researching the Civil War in the local community.
  • Civil War @ Smithsonian - This site provides access to many of the Smithsonian's resources on the Civil War.
  • Civil War Women - The papers of three women who lived during the Civil War—a spy, a Union Army recruiter, and a schoolgirl. From Duke University.
  • Crisis at Fort Sumter - Detailed background information is provided to assist users in solving the dilemmas facing President Lincoln in the events surrounding the fall of Fort Sumter. From Richard Latner of Tulane University.
  • Emancipation Proclamation - Transcript of the document and an essay by noted historian John Hope Franklin.
  • Eye of the Storm - The drawings and journal of Union soldier Knox Sneden, newly discovered in the 1990s and made available by the Virginia Historical Society.
  • Freedmen and Southern Society Project - Essays and many primary source documents related to emancipation of American slaves. Among the tools on the site is a Chronology of Emancipation During the Civil War. From the University of Maryland.
  • HarpWeek - Cartoons, photographs, magazine covers, and articles published in the mid-19th century. Some products must be purchased, but many others are available free on the site.
  • Index of Civil War Information Available on the Internet - A searchable index provided by the United States Civil War Center at Louisiana State University.
  • Lincoln/Net - Northern Illinois University focuses on "the Illinois years" (through 1861), providing historical essays and such primary source documents as transcripts of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
  • Making of America - A large collection of books and journal articles from the period 1850-1877. A project of the University of Michigan.
  • North American Slave Narratives - Part of the University of North Carolina's Documenting the American South site, this page presents more than 200 narratives by slaves and former slaves, many published between 1850 and 1877.
  • Papers of Jefferson Davis - Selected primary sources from the papers of the CSA's president.
  • Stratford Plantation: The Birthplace of Robert E. Lee - Extensive information about Robert E. Lee and the Lee family, including primary source documents.
  • The Underground Railroad - A site for young people provided by National Geographic.
  • The Valley of the Shadow Project: Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania - A unique web site containing many types of primary sources on the Civil War relating to two communities — one North and one South. Maintained by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia.

Index of Civil  War Information Available on the Internet Extensive A-Z listing of sites. Links to primary sources such as diaries.

Primary Documents in American History. Civil War and Reconstruction

Civil War Maps

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