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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

First the dictionaries. Dictionary of Computing (2009) is available online and offers over 10,000 entries. Some of our newer print dictionaries include Dictionary of Computing (Oxford Univ. Press; Ref. QA 76.15 .D526 2008), The Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (Ref. QA 76.15 .D667 2009), The Dictionary of Computing & Digital Media ( Ref. QA 76.15 .H318 1999) and The Dictionary of Multimedia  (Ref. QA 76.15 .H32 1999). For biographical essays on important theorists, see the International Biographical Dictionary of Computer Pioneers  (Ref.QA 76.2 .A2 L44 1995).  For quick look ups, consider these online dictionaries: FOLDOC; Webopedia; Jargon File; High Tech Dictionary.  Also look at TechEncyclopedia. Whatis.com offers a search engine and a broad subject approach.

Kresge Library also owns several encyclopedias. The Encyclopedia of Computer Science (2003) is online. "With contributions from over 300 international experts, the 4th Edition contains over 100 completely new articles ranging from artificial life to computer ethics, data mining to Java, mobile computing to quantum computing and software safety to the World Wide Web. In addition, each of the more than 600 articles have been extensively revised, expanded and updated to reflect the latest developments in computer science and technology. Intelligently and thoughtfully organised, all the articles are classified around 9 main themes:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Computer Systems
  • Information and Data
  • Mathematics of Computing
  • Theory of Computation
  • Methodologies
  • Applications
  • Computing Milieux"

The Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (Ref. Q 335 .E53 1992) is a two-volume set that contains scholarly articles written primarily for the professional and secondarily for the layman who seeks an overview of the field. Contains bibliographies and diagrams.

Older encyclopedias include Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology (Ref. QA 76.15 .E5), a 16-volume set which contains over 2,000 articles, alphabetically arranged. The articles are long, scholarly and include references. Volume 16 is the index. The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Ref. QA 246.5 .S66 1995) identifies integer sequences and serves as an index to the literature and for "locating references to a particular problem." The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia (Ref. QA 76.15 .F732 2001) provides over 8500 definitions on the computer industry.

Available through SpringerLink are the following computer science encyclopedias: Encyclopedia of Biometrics (2009); Encyclopedia of GIS (2008); Encyclopedia of Machine Learning (2010); Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security (2005); Encyclopedia of Algorithms (2008); Encyclopedia of Database Systems (2009); and Encyclopedia of Multimedia (2008).

The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook (Ref. QA 76 .C57315 1997) provides current information on 10 sub-fields of computer science and engineering, among them: algorithms and data structures, architecture, artificial intelligence and robotics, etc. For want of a better place, I have listed Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age (Ref. QA 76.15 .W55 1996) under Handbooks. It is not a style manual but it seems closer to a handbook. It is a dictionary or glossary of "cutesy" terms that you won't find elsewhere, i.e. "wonk". But there is also information that pertains to style manuals, such as "Treating Domain Names in Text."
IEEE Xplore.
Look for Standards under the Browse tab in upper left corner of screen.
Internet Sites
Directories GatewaysThere are several gateways, directories and meta sites of varying quality.  Yahoo's Computer Science is complete and nicely arranged. The WWW Virtual Library's Computing & Computer Science covers several categories, among them Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Computer Aided Design and Logic Programming, to name a few. The Voice of the Shuttle"s Cyberculture is also VERY complete. BUBL LINK has a search engine. WWW Virtual Library Computing and Computer Science    covers CAD,Artificial Intelligence, Logic Programming.The Internet Public Library's Computers and the Internet lists 411 resources in no particular order.I have not listed a resource section as I think much of what you need can be found in the above sites.

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