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Engineering Mathematics Handbook. Ref. TA 332 .T85 1998

Engineering Handbook.  Ref. TA 151 .E424 2005

Mathematical and Physical Data, Equations and Rules of Thumb.   Ref. TA 330 .G53 2001

CRC Handbook of Engineering Tables. Ref. TA 151 .C76 2004

Eshbach's Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals Ref TA 151 E8 2009

Engineering Statistics Handbook

Chemical Engineering

Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook.  Ref. TP 151 .P45 1997

Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations.  Ref. TP 149 .H285 1994

Chemical Properties Handbook. Ref. TP 200 .Y35 1999

Systems Engineering

System Engineering Handbook. TA 168 .M25 (Copies in Ref. and Circulating Collections)

Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management. Electronic book available through NetLibrary. Link available from library home page.
Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Handbook. Ref. TA 635 .S77 1997, 3rd floor

Formulas for Stress, Strain and Structural Matrices. Ref. TA 407.2 .P55 1994
Materials Engineering

CRC Materials Science and Engineering Handbook. Ref. TA 403.4 .C74 2001

Handbook of Materials Selection for Engineering Applications. TA 403.4 .H37 1997, 3rd floor

Materials Handbook:  A Concise Desktop ReferenceRef. TA 404.8 .C37 2008 and online

Materials Handbook:  An Encyclopedia. . .   Ref. TA 403 .B37 1997

Formulas for Stress, Strain and Structural Matrices.   Ref. TA 407.2 .P55 1994

N.B.: There are other handbooks in proximity with those noted above but they are older. While not a "handbook," see also the Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering (Ref. TA 402 .E53 2001).

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Handbook. Ref. TK 145 .E354 1993

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers. Ref. TK 151 .S8 (2000).

Electronics Engineers' Handbook. Ref. TK 7825 .E34 1997

Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing. Ref. TK 5102.9 .P677 1999

Handbook of Electrical Tables and Design Criteria.  Ref. TK 151 .C468 1998; also CD on Ref. Reserve at Circulation Desk

CRC Handbook of Engineering Tables. Ref. TA 151 .C76 2004

The Electrical Engineering Handbook. This is a six-volume work. Individual titles and call numbers below.

  • Broadcasting and optical communication technology.  (Ref. TK 5103.59 .E44 2006)
  • Circuits, signals, and speech and image processing. (Ref. TK 5102.9 .E44 2006)
  • Computers, software engineering, and digital devices. (Ref. TK 7885 .E44 2006)
  • Electronics, power electronics, optoelectronics, microwaves, electromagnetics, and radar. (Ref. TK 145 .E435 2006)
  • Sensors, nanoscience, biomedical engineering, and instruments.  (Ref. R 857 .B54 E44 2006)
  • Systems, controls, embedded systems, energy, and machines. (Ref. TK 1001 .E44 2006)
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer's Data Handbook. Ref. TJ 151 .C36 1993

Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. Ref. TJ 151 .S82 1996

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook. Ref. TJ 151 .M395 1986

Kent's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook. Ref. TJ 151 .K4 1967 (2 vols.)

Engineering Mechanics--Dynamics. TA 352 .H5 1992 (3rd floor)

Engineering Mechanics-Statics. TA 351 .H5 1992 (3rd floor)

Shock and Vibration Handbook. Ref. TA 355 .S5164 1996

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations. Ref. TJ 151 .H327 1998

Springer Handbook on Mechanical Engineering


Industrial Engineering

Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook. T 56 .M39 1992, 3rd floor

Handbook of Industrial Engineering. T 56.23 .H36 1992, 3rd floor
Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer's Reference Book. Ref. TA 151 .C58 1994

Civil Engineering Handbook. Ref. TA 151 .C57 1995

Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers. Ref. TA 151 .S8 1996

Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations..   Ref. TA 332 .H36 2000
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