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Feminist Theory Pathfinder

See also Women's Studies Pathfinder especially for print sources not noted here.

Print Sources
Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories. Ref. HQ 1190 .E63 2000  Online
Concentrates on feminism as it developed in English speaking countries since the 1960's. It includes mini biographies of feminists and it is also cross disciplinary in scope. Each entry includes bibliographies for further research.

Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and  Research

A Companion to Feminist Philosophy. Ref. HQ 1190 .C665 1998
Not your typical reference book as the chapters consist of scholarly essays. This feature makes this book an excellent place to begin research on a philosophical aspect of feminism. The book is divided into several parts such as Ethics and then chapters such as Procreation, Health care and so on.

A Feminist Dictionary
. Ref. HQ 1115 .K73 1985
This book seeks to "document words, definitions and conceptualizations that illustrate women's linguistic contributions. . ." It typically defines the word and then uses a literary allusion to illuminate it, e.g., "Christians". "Purveyors of Christianity which has `destroyed the history and culture of the people of Africa and North and South America. . . .'"

Encyclopedia of Feminism. Ref. HQ 1115 .T87 1986
Less strident than the previous title, this book provides entries on people and ideas in feminist thought, i.e., "A Woman's Place."

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences Several entries on feminist theory

Dictionary of Feminist Theory. Ref. HQ 1115 .H86 1995
Considers both people and concepts in feminist thought.

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature.  Ref. PN 471 .W455 2004

Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature.  Ref. PQ 149 .F47 1999

Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature. Ref. PT 41 .F46 1997

Feminist Encyclopedia of Spanish Literature. Ref.  PQ 6055 .F46 2002

Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle ages to the Present. Ref.  PR 111 .B57 1990

Literati access reference books published by Credo

Internet Sites
Feminist Theory Website  Can be searched by geography, ethnicity and field within feminism.

Feminist Theories and Resources Covers various theories such as eco, lesbian radical, marxist and links on feminists.

Women's  Studies and Feminist Theory  Covers women's studies, feminist theory, general resources and feminists.  Hundreds of sites.

Feminist Theory There are about a hundred sites here, alpha arranged.

gender Inn, the Women's and Gender Studies Database on the Internet.

"gender Inn is a searchable database providing access to over 8,400 records pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature."

Feminisms and Feminist Theories This is a real neat site from Credo. Various theories are  covered eco, marxist, etc.  with narrative.  Some links don't work because Credo doesn't have subscriptions to the various reference books.

Black American Feminisms This is a bibliography.

Feminist Theory links to famous feminists and schools.

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement Covers these categories :

Feminist Conflict Theory  Lengthy essay
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