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Encyclopedia of Small Business. (Ref. HD 62.7 .H553 1998) Presents 505 essays on such topics as absenteeism, affirmative action and financing. Each entry includes bibliographies for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Business in Today's World.

Encyclopedia of Business. (Ref. HF 1001 .E466 1995) This title includes entries of about 2500 words that cover "concepts, issues, and terms" that are of current and classical interest.

Encyclopedia of Management. (Ref. HD 30.15 .E49 2000) Includes 348 essays on such topics as face saving, just-in-time or inventory management.

Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands. (Ref. HF 5415.3 .E527 1994) Three volumes, this title covers consumable products, personal products, and durable products. Each brand, such as Budweiser, discusses brand origins, brand development, expansion performance and marketing efforts. We also have The World's Greatest Brands (Ref. HD .B67 W67),  more glossy and far less critical.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries.  Covers both specific industries and broad businesses like adult retirement centers.

Encyclopedia of Busine$$ and Finance. (Ref. HF 1001 .E467 2001) This 2-volume title presents 300 entries on the major areas of business such as accounting, finance and marketing. Entries are comprehensive and include bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance. (Ref. HG 151 .M8 1994) Includes almost 4200 entries, many in depth, on banking, business and financial terms.

Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography. (Ref. HD 2721 .E5) Nine volumes in length, each volume covers a specific industry, such as railroads, airlines or banking. The entries are written by scholars in the fields. See also International Directory of Company Histories (Ref. HD 2721 .I63) Seventy-two volumes and growing, this title provides 2-3 page histories of international companies.

International Encyclopedia of Business and Management. (Ref. HF 1001 .I53 2002) Eight volumes in length with articles ranging from 2,000-10,000 words, this is the best encyclopedia we have, at least if you have an international perspective. Contributors are international in scope.

Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising. (Ref. HF 5803 .A38 2003) Entries cover history, biography, and concepts. Yahoo's Marketing and Advertising has a number of sites related to advertising that may supplement this set.

International Encyclopedia of the Stock Market. (Ref. HG 4551 .I528 1999)  This two-volume set covers people and terms in the international stock market.

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns. (Ref. HF  5837 .E53 2000) This book is arranged alphabetically by company. For example, remember Spuds Mackenzie or Rula Lenska? Well this book gives you the low down: an overview, historical context, target market, competition, and outcome of advertising campaigns.

Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources. (Ref. HF 5353 .E52) This is where you go when you don't know where you are going. Arranged by industry. Identifies the encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases, handbooks and manuals, trade and professional associations peculiar to that industry. There is also an Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources: Europe (Ref. HF 54.52 .E85 E53 1994) which has a similar organization.

Encyclopedia of Leadership. (Ref. HD 57.7 .E53 2004) Contains 373 essays, up to 6000 words on various aspects of leadership including biographies.

Encyclopedia of Public Relations. (Ref. HD 59 .E48 2005)

Capstone Encyclopaedia of Business. Entries vary from a few paragraphs to a few pages. Includes cross references.


We have many dictionaries so I will cite only a few. On the scholarly side is The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance (Ref. HG 151 .N48 1992) Three volumes in length, it presents authoritative entries on topics related to money and finance. More practical titles include Business Buzzwords (Ref. HF 1001 .W46 1995); Dictionary of Business (Ref. HF 1001 .D5375 1998); Dictionary of Business Terms (Ref. HF 1001 .C68 1999). Be sure to browse in the Ref. HF 1002 area for more dictionaries. There are other dictionaries and one-volume encyclopedias in the Ref. HD 30.15 area, notably the IEBM Dictionary  of Business and Management (Ref. HD 30.15 .I33 1999), The Quality Improvement Glossary (Ref. HD 62.15 .S576 2004) and Dictionary of Strategy (Ref. HD 30.28 .K454 2004). Credo has provided a number of reliable online dictionaries: Collins Dictionary of Business; Dictionary of Business; Dictionary of E- Business; The New Penguin Business Dictionary; Wall Street Words;The Ultimate Resource Dictionary of Business and Management.

In addition, there are several Internet business dictionaries or glossaries, some very specialized: The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Glossary; Online Business Dictionary; Washington Post Business Glossary;Your Dictionary.

Biographical Dictionary of American Business Leaders. (Ref. HC 102.5 .A2 I53 1983) Four volumes in length, this title presents scholarly entries on leading business leaders. Another engaging feature are the appendices in volume 4 which lists the biographees by religion, industry, company etc.

American Business Leaders:  From Colonial Times to the Present. (Ref. HC 102.5 .A2 H36 1999) Entries cover 400 business leaders. Two volumes.

Contemporary American Business Leaders. (Ref. HC 102.5 .A2  I534 1990) Emphasis is on business leaders who embodied the most important trends in American business during the forty years after World War two. Appendices on business leaders by industry, company, business, birth, and black and women leaders.

Business Plans Handbook. (Ref. HD 62.7 B865 1995) Organized by industry, such as Bed and Breakfast or Elder Care, this two-volume set presents "actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America." Each plan covers executive summary, market analysis, operations, etc. Some online sources for business plans include:  Planware; Center For Business Planning; Business Plan Archive.

Business The Ultimate Resource(Ref HD 38.15 B87 2006) Covers leadership. actionlines,people and culture,finance etc

Emerald for Managers First; it has articles on a variety of topics including leadership, management styles and communication. Presentation-Pointers might also be helpful--it shows you how to make presentations and much more.. The U. S. Business Advisor  has a number of useful sites, among them business development and workplace issues.

The Mission Statement Book. (Ref. HD 30.285 .A27 1995) Presents 301 corporate mission statements from America's leading companies.

Organization Charts. (Ref. HD 58.65 .O74 1996) Organization charts for 200 companies throughout the world. Organization Charts  sells charts for about 400 companies in 16 industries.

Thunderbird Guide to International Business Resources on the World Wide Web. (Ref. HF 54.56 .D43 1997)

The Portable MBA Desk Reference. (Ref. HD 38.15 .P67 1998) This is a handy book organized into two parts: part one is an A-Z reference of essential topics, mostly definitions of terms; part two lists sources of business information. Not to be overlooked are the appendices, 18 of them, which include International Dialing Codes, Federal Reserve Banks, etc.

Handbook for Professional Managers. (Ref. HD .H31245 1985) This book is getting dated but there is nothing more recent. Contains 239 entries, i.e., Consumer Behavior. Each entry contains a definition, application, opportunities, an evaluation of the concept and a list of other sources of information.

International Business Information: How to Find It ,How to Use It. (Ref. HF 54.5 .P33 1998) The emphasis is on where to find information. For example, under Corporate Finances, one would find topics on privacy and public disclosure, disclosure statements, 10-K reports and proxy statements.

The Directory of Business Information Resources. (Ref. HF 54.52 .U5 D567 2009) Covers associations, newsletters, magazines, trade shows, databases and web sites.

Wall Street Executive Library contains links to: Newspapers | TV & Radio | Magazines | Web Search & Computer | More Search & Computer | Web Directory Search | Business Toolkit | More Reference | Government Research | More Government | Financial Markets Research | Company & Industry Research | Business & Legal Research | Marketing & Advertising Research | Statistics & Economics Research | Careers & Education | Health & Medicine | Leisure | Sports

United States Small Business Administration provides citizens with information to start businesses.

DoingBusiness. "The Doing Business database provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 155 economies. They indicate the regulatory costs of business and can be used to analyze specific regulations that enhance or constrain investment, productivity and growth."

Business Ethics Covers: Articles & Publications | Case Studies | Corporate Codes of Ethics | Professional Organizations & Associations | Resources & Centers | Additional Ethics Resources

MarketResearch.com "MarketResearch.com is an aggregator of global business intelligence representing the most comprehensive collection of published market research available on-demand. Strategy starts with the most relevant, current and credible research available."

AnnualReports.com Provides PDF versions of company annual reports and HTML versions of 10K's.

globalEDGE Organizes and annotates 5000 business and country free Internet sources.

Kiss, Bow,or Shake Hands. (Ref. HF 5389 .M67 2006) This book tells you about the etiquette of doing business in sixty countries.

The Ultimate Business Library Essays by leading business thinkers; organized by decade.


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