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Modern Germany: An Encyclopedia; History, People, and Culture, 1871-1990. (Ref. DD 14 .M64 1998, 2 vols.) This title has long articles written by scholars.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture. (Ref. DD 290.26 .E53 1999) Shorter entries.

The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. (Ref. DD 256.5 .G76313 1991, 2 vols.) This is an edited title with many contributors.

Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. (Ref. DD 256.5 .S57)

Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia. (Ref. DD 157 .M43 2001)

Europe, 1450-1789. (Ref. D 209 .E97 2004) This 4-volume set is a good place to explore a topic.


Dictionary of German History, 1806-1945. (Ref. DD 203 .F47 1978)

Terminology of the Third Reich. (Ref. DD 256.5 .W53 1985)


The Longman Companion to Nazi Germany. (Ref. DD 256.5 .K475 1995)

The Longman Companion to Germany since 1945. (Ref. DD 257.W39 1998)

The Germans: Public Opinion Polls, 1947-1966. (Ref. DD 259.2 .G385 1981)

Bibliographie zur Deutschen Geschichte. (Ref. DD 176 .A1 S37, 7 vols.)

German History and Civilization, 1806-1914. (Ref. DD 175 .A1 F68)

A Bibliography of German Studies, 1945-1971. (Ref. DD 257 .A1 H4)

Internet Resources


Documents and Primary Sources

 History of Germany: Primary Documents Medieval to the present with special topics.

document Archiv 1803-1870

Protokolle des Reichstags, 1867-1895

World War I Document Archive

Nazi and East Ger

German History Sources, 18th century to 20th century

German History in Documents and Images

Kaiserreich, 1871-1918

Virtual Library Zeitsgeschicht  Good for documents and secondary sources;uses German and English.

German History in Documents and Images



Digital Historical Maps


Brandenberg-Prussia 1640-1871
Provides narrative on domestic and foreign policy, the economy and intellectual life.Many links.

H-German Links
Includes book reviews, article reviews, conference reports, graduate readings, documents and discussion logs.

Autorrinnen und Autoren
3333 entries on German authors.

Historical Text Archive
This a very important link: includes topics such as the North German Confederation, maps, documents. Some of the links might not work.


Deutchland: Koenige, Kaiser, Staatschefs 768-

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