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German Literature Pathfinder

Print Sources


Encyclopedia of German Literature. (Ref. PT 41 .E53 2000)
This is good place to explore a topic as it provides critical essays, written by scholars, on people and movements in German literature. Each essay followed by listing of further readings.Available online.

The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature. (Ref. PT 41 .F46 1997)
Short, critical essays on people and events.


The following titles are part of the Dictionary of Literary Biography and as such follow a common format: lengthy and critical essays, a listing of the subject's works and references. A good place to start your research.

German Writers and Works of the Early Middle Ages: 800-1170. (Ref. PT 193 .G47 1995)

German Writers and Works of the High Middle Ages: 1170-1280. (Ref. PT 195 .G4 1994)

German Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation, 1280-1580. (Ref. PT 241 .G47 1997)

German Baroque Writers, 1580-1660. (Ref. PT 271 .G47 1996)

German Baroque Writers, 1661-1730. (Ref. PT 271 .G48 1996)

German Writers from the Enlightenment to Sturm und Drang, 1720-1764. (Ref. PT 293 .G47 1990)

German Writers in the Age of Goethe, 1789-1832. (Ref. PT 311 .G47 1989)

German Writers in the Age of Goethe: Sturm und Drang to Classicism. (Ref. PT 311 .G48 1990)

Nineteenth-Century German Writers, 1841-1900. (Ref. PT 341 .N56 1993)

Nineteenth-Century German Writers to 1840. (Ref. PT 351 .N56 1993)

Twentieth-Century German Dramatists, 1889-1918. (Ref. PT 666 .T86 1992)

Twentieth-Century German Dramatists, 1919-1992. (Ref. PT 666 .T87 1992)

German Fiction Writers, 1885-1913. Part 1: A-L. (Ref. PT 771 .G47 1988 pt.1)

German Fiction Writers, 1885-1913. Part 2: M-Z. (Ref. PT 771 .G47 1988 pt.2)

Contemporary German Fiction Writers. (Ref. PT 772.C59 1988, 1st series)

Contemporary German Fiction Writers. (Ref. PT 772 .C593 1988, 2nd series)

German Fiction Writers, 1914-1945. (Ref. PT 772 .G39 1987)

Modern German Literature. (Ref. PT 401 .D6 2 vols)
Not part of the DLB series; it provides excerpts from critic's writings.

Women Writers in German-Speaking Countries: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook. (Ref. PT 167 .W6 A1 W65 1998)


The Oxford Companion to German Literature. (Ref. PT 41 .G3 1997)

A Companion to Twentieth-Century German Literature. (Ref. PT 401 .A1 C65 1997)

Deutsche Dichter und Schriftsteller unserer Zeit. (Ref. PT 401 .L35)

Deutsche Dichter der Gegenwart. (Ref. PT 403 .W48)
This title is better than the preceding as the entries are much longer.

Handbuch der Deutschen Gegenwartsliteratur. (Ref. PT 403 .K8)

Internet Sources

Meta Sites

MetaGer Auf Deutsch.


Autorinnen und Autoren  Good for biographical and special information about 1500 authors.

Database of Women Writers in Germany since 1945

Voice of the Shuttle Languages Other than English
Topics and important persons.

German Studies Web: Literature Resources
This site is good for electronic journals, single author pages, book reviews and electronic texts not covered below. All sources have been reviewed.

Voice of the Shuttle
This site is good for Hesse, Hoffmann, Goethe, Kafka and there are some good general resources as well.


Germanistik im Internet
This site will get you to institutions, digital texts, historical literature, artistic (including photographers) sites. Note the search engine "suchseite."

Internet Resources for Germanists
This site is good for locating scholarly organizations, German departments around the world, topics in German studies, etc.

Das Literatur-Cafe (Der literarische Treffpunkt im Internet)
There is a lot here, including links to literature and even erotic literature plus forums and a search engine.

Links to German studies departments, organizations and institutes world-wide.

German Studies Trails on the Web
Interdisciplinary sources including Germanistiks and literary theory.



Digitale Texte
This is a very comprehensive site, sort of a gateway, and it is organized by genre.

Project Gutenberg
Another gateway to online texts.

Zeno Covers 700 world authors from antiquity to the present.

Deutsche Gedichte German poetry You can browse by author.

Bibliotheke Germanica Arranged by century.Provides biographical and bibliographical information and selections from works.

Deutsche Literatur,autoren und literarische  Good for biography,biblography and excerpts. Arranged by author,epoch and has a search engine.

Here are some specific subject text sites:

Sophie: A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women

Friedrich Holderlin

Grimm Brothers

19th Century German Stories

Bertoldt Brecht

Franz Kafka






German-English On-Line Dictionary


Glossary of Literary Terms

Deutsch-Englisches Woerterbuch


lingo24 " Translation Service provides free online English-German translation tool. 


Internet Handbook of German Grammar


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