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Introduction to Islam

Encyclopedias and Overviews
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World

Introduction to Islam: An Online Text

Islam Wiki

Shi'ite Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Islam.  Ref. DS 37 .E523

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa.  Ref. DS 43 .E53 2004

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World.  Ref. BP 40 .E525 2004

Encyclopedia of Religion.  Ref. BL 31 .E46 2005

Guide to Islamist Movements.  Ref. BP 40 .G85 2010

Encyclopedia of the Qur'an.  Ref. BP 133 .E53 2001

The Qur'an: An Encyclopedia.  Ref. BP 133 .Q73 2006

The New Encyclopedia of Islam. Ref. BP 40 .G42 2002

Introduction to Islam for Beginners Questions and answers on Jihad, diet, calendar, etc.

Al Islam.org  (Digital Library Islamic Project) The best part of this site is the library.  Click on Browse Library and you will get over 5000 sites that can be narrowed down by  books, articles, speeches. The icons for doing so are at the top or you can search alpha.

On Common Grounds World Religions in America.  From the Harvard Pluralism Project. This is a 12 page essay.

Introduction to Islam 100 questions for beginners.

Information about Islam  About 30 links on history, law, religion, dress, etc.

Texts of Islam
Sacred texts.

Introduction to Islam
  Off to the left you will see a navigation bar that covers in essay format articles of faith, application of faith, meaning of Islam, Introduction to Islam, etc.

Yahoo Directory

Introduction to Islam
Slide show with 97 slides.

Islam From the BBC.  Covers Islam at a glance, ethics, holy days, rituals.

Islamic Philosophy Online Good for philosophers.

Islamic Directory About 20 links.

An Introduction to Islam for Non Muslims

Islam This ia a good site with basic information on beliefs, relations with other religions, time lines

An Historical Atlas of Islam.  Ref. DS 35.6 .H57 2002

Atlas of Islamic History.  Ref DS 35.6 .A85

The Cultural Atlas of Islam.  Ref. DS 36.85 .A39 1986

 A Popular Dictionary of Islam. Ref. BP 40 .N48 1992

Key Words in Islam.  Ref. BP 40 .G396 2006

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam.  Ref BP 40 .Q95 2003
Introduction to Islam  About one hour.

Introduction to Islam This is one of 24 videos. Each one is about 25 minutes. You will see links off to the right.

Introduction to Islam This is one of three videos about 6 minutes each. The links are off to the right.

Series Introduction to Islam
Eight lectures of about an hour each on topics like the Five Pillars, Muslim theology, Muslim influence on Europe.

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