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Latin American Politics

Reference books
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Encyclopedia of Latin American History & Culture. (Ref. F 1406 .E53 2008) 6 vols.

Encyclopedia of Mexico. (Ref. F1210 .E63 1997, 2 vols.)

Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures. (Ref. F 1218.6 .O95 2001)

Encyclopedia of Ancient Mesoamerica. (Ref. F 1219 .B932 1996)

Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, and Society in the United States. (Ref . E 184 .S587 2005)

Encyclopedia of Mexico: History Society and Culture

Mexico: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary History and Culture


Latin America: A Political Dictionary. (Ref. F 1406 .R67 1992)

United States in Latin America: A Historical Dictionary. (Ref. F 1418 .S494 1992)

Dictionary of Mexican Rulers, 1325-1997. (Ref. F 1205 .V34 1997)

Note: There are many historical dictionaries in KL. In Voyager, type in as a title: Historical Dictionary of [name of country here].


Historical Atlas of Latin America: Political, Geographic, Economic, Cultural. (Ref. F 1408 .W66 1967)

Latin American History, a Teaching Atlas. (Ref. G 1541 .S1 L6 1983)


Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-1993. (Ref. F 1235.5 .A2 C35 1995)

Notable Twentieth Century Latin American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. Ref. CT 3290 .N68 2001)

Facts and Statistics

Latin America Profiled: Essential Facts on Society, Business and Politics in Latin America. (Ref. F 1408 .L37 2000)

Statistical Abstract of Latin America. (Ref. HA 935 .S8, 1961-2002)

Internet Resources

Meta Sites

Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents Covers 950 journals mostly in the humanities and social sciences.

Sources and General Resources on Latin America There is a table of contents to this extensive document. It covers bibliographies, organizations, maps, libraries, history, etc.

LANIC (Latin American Network Information Center) Can either be approached by countries or a variety of topics.

Country Information

Country Studies From the Library of Congress.

CIA World Fact Book

Background Notes Provides basic information for diplomats about to be posted abroad.

Country Profiles From the BBC.


Latin American Studies Association

Organization of American States



World Wide Governments on the WWW Contains links to government, political, tourists and much more.

Portals to the World Each country site has a map and a directory of sites on many topics.

Political Databases of the Americas Covers constitutions, elections, political parties, and the three branches of government.

Latin American and Caribbean Government Document Project Good for statistics and government documents.

The Keele Guide to Latin American Government and Politics on the Internet Covers South American sites and then by country.


Global Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Site Good for financial information on LA and third world countries.

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean This is an excellent source for documents (such as the Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean) and conferences and meetings.

Inter-American Development Bank Good for documents and economic information on countries and regions.

International Labour Organization Contains information on strikes, employment, compensation.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics Statistics on literacy, achievement, school completion, etc.

Latin Focus Good for economics by country and topics such as economic forecasts.


The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources This is good for search engines in other countries and other resources, alphabetically arranged.

Historical Text Archive

Voice of the Shuttle This is an extensive collection of sources, arranged first by general resources and then by country or topic such as the conquistadors.


Maps of the Americas


Handbook of Latin American Studies. Arranged by broad topic, such as Archaeology, and then by country.
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