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The Columbia Gazetteer of the World. Ref. G 103.5 .C65 1998 (3 volumes)
Much more than a mere listing of latitudes and longitudes. Information includes demography, physical geography, political boundaries, industry and trade, transportation and much more. Length varies from a short listing on a village to a whole essay on a country.

Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary. (2007)

Webster's New Geographical Dictionary.  G 103.5 .W42 1988
Contains 47,000 geographic names and 217 maps. Provides "essential information on spelling, pronunciation, and. . . location, population, size, economy and history."


Maps of the World

WWW-VL: History: Maps
Although there are historical maps here, there is much more including satellite imagery, journals and bibliographies.

Map History/History of Cartography

Historical Maps and Atlases

NB There are many historical atlases in the same area on such topics as the  holocaust,the American Civil War and Revolution and other geographic areas so be sure to browse.

The Times Atlas of World History
. Ref. G 1030 .T54 1993
Includes maps and essays on the "broad movements" of world history, i.e., Language Dispersal, Rise of Christianity, Human Origin.

The History Atlas of Europe. Ref. G 1797.21 .S1 B3 1998

The Times Atlas of European History. Ref. G 1796 .S1 T55 1994

Atlas of American History. Ref. G 1201 .S1 F4 1995

Atlas of Westward Expansion. Ref. G 1201 .S1 W44 1995

Atlas of American History. Ref. G 1201 .S1 J3 1984
Want to know the location of ICBM complexes or hazardous waste sites? Here's the place. Chronologically arranged. Thus, under "America at Time of Discovery," one can find the distribution of forests and Indian tribes. Roads are included for colonial America, battle maps for all wars. The last chapter contains maps on social and economic development.


Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century.

University of Texas Map Collection.
This is the best one.

Map Library.
From West Point, this site is good for wars.

National Geographic's MapMachine
Good for battles among other historical maps. Use the navigation bar on the left and click on "historical map."

Map Collections: 1500-2002.
From the Library of Congress, this is good for cultural, transportation, battles, and cities and towns.

Maps Online.
Identifies several key collections of historical maps.

Online Maps.
This collection is from Yale University. It is arranged by named collections.

Environmental Maps
HUD Environmental Maps
Shows location of superfund sites, hazardous waste sites, public housing, etc.
Satellite Maps
Geological Surveys


Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Allows you to see a site from the sky.

State Atlases

Atlas of Michigan. Ref. G 1410 .A85 1977
Includes categories such as People and Society, Economy and Recreation and topics such as ethnic migration, deer population.

Michigan Atlas and Gazetteer. Ref. G 1410 .D4 2003

State of Michigan

Road Atlases

Rand McNally Road Atlas. Ref. G 1105 .R2 2009

Yahoo Maps and Driving Directions


Rand-McNally Road Atlas


Atlas of the World. Ref. G 1021 .N38 2005

National Geographic Satellite Atlas of the World. Ref. G 1046 .A43 N3 1998

Oxford Atlas of the World. Ref. G 1021 .A7545 2010
Has city maps for major cities. The thematic maps are very useful--health, environment, weather distribution.

Random House World Atlas and Encyclopedia. Ref. G 1021 .G489 2007
More than maps. Includes brief history of country, information on landscape, politics and economy, and tables denoting language, currency, trading partners, etc. Similar in content and scope is World Desk Reference (Ref. G 1021 .D72x 2000).

Goode's World Atlas. Ref. G 1021 .G6 2005
See the "World Thematic Maps" for such unusual data as date or apple exports, production of vegetables and so on.

Concise Atlas of the World. Ref. G 1021 .C76 2008

Dorling Kindersley Concise Atlas of the World. . G 1021 .D 2776 2001

Dorling Kindersley World Atlas. Ref. G 1021 .D 625 2005

World Desk Reference. Ref. G 1021 .D72x 2000

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. Ref. G 1021 .T55 2007

Special Atlases

Our Magnificent Earth: A Rand McNally Atlas of Earth Resources. Ref. G 1046 .G3 O9 1979

Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide. Ref. G 1046 .G1 R2 2009
Emphasis is on commerce and marketing -- covers the U.S. only. Includes zip codes; railroad maps, postal rates; airlines and the communities they serve; county data, such as population, income and households. Frequently overlooked, it could save a trip to Government Documents. Issued annually.

Online Atlases

Xpedition Atlas.
Good for reproductions.

National Atlas of the United States.
Interactive on a variety of topics such as ethnicity, crimes, agriculture. Arranged by continent and then by region. Of special note are the economic and physical summary pages. For example, the economic summary lists the GNP, inflation rate and daily calories per capita. Also, maps on population distribution, temperature and precipitation.

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