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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. 4 vols. Ref. QA 5 .I8313 1987
"Intended to be a compact, up-to-date source of information comprising... all significant results in all fields of science, pure and applied, from the elementary to the advanced level." First three volumes are alphabetically arranged. Volume 4 contains tables of formulae, names and subject indexes. KL also owns the 2-volume first ed., Ref. QA 5 .N5 1977.

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics. Ref. QA 5 .W45 1999
This book is a compendium of formulas, definitions, figures, tabulations and references.

This is an online encyclopedia. Covers algebra, applied mathematics, history and terminology, etc.

Encyclopedia of Mathematics
"The Encyclopedia of Mathematics wiki is an open access resource designed specifically for the mathematics community. The original articles are from the online Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in 2002. With more than 8,000 entries, illuminating nearly 50,000 notions in mathematics, the Encyclopaedia of Mathematics was the most up-to-date graduate-level reference work in the field of mathematics."

The Mathematical Atlas Provides short articles on mathematics.

The International Dictionary of Applied Mathematics. Ref. QA 5 .I5
"Defines the terms and describes the methods in the applications of mathematics to thirty-one fields of physical science and engineering" (preface). Both practical and general terms and definitions are utilized. The foreign language indices list the French, German, Russian, and Spanish equivalent of English words.

Dictionary of Logical Terms and Symbols. Ref. QA 9 .G698
Presents "compactly, concisely, and side by side a variety of alternative notational systems currently used by logicians, computer scientists, and engineers" (preface). Also includes a glossary and a bibliography.

Here are some online dictionaries:

Mathematical Programming Glossary.

Glossary of Mathematical Terms.


CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae.  Chemical Rubber Co.30th ed.   Ref. QA 47  .M315 1996
Contents include octal-decimal conversion tables, the extensive set of integral tables, tables for differential equations, trigonometry, algebra, vector analysis, statistics and finance.

Handbook of Mathematical Formulas and Integrals.   Ref. QA 47 .J38 2000

Table of Integrals, Series and Products.   Ref. QA 55 .G6613 2000

New Cambridge Statistical Tables.   Ref. QA 276.25 .L56 1995

Handbook of Mathematics and Computational Science.   Ref. QA 40 .S76 1998

Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics.   Ref. QA 164 .H36 2000

Mathematical Handbook for Scientists and Engineers.   Ref. QA 40 .K598 1968
This book is designed as a "comprehensive reference collection of mathematical definitions, theorems, and formulae for scientists, engineers and students" and also as a means of presenting surveys of mathematical methods for non-reference applications. "Each chapter is arranged so as to permit review of an entire mathematical subject." Includes glossary of symbols and notations and tables.

Handbook  of Mathematical Functions


Other titles include: Trigonometric Tables, Ref. QA 55 .P443 1965; An Index of Mathematical Tables, Ref. QA 47 .F55 1962 (2 vols.); New Manual of Logarithms,  Ref. QA 55 .B92.   See also Mathematics Tables and Formulas or Math Reference Tables.

Selected Tables in Mathematical Statistics. Ref. QA 276.25 .H372

Guide to Tables in Mathematical Statistics. Ref. QA 276.25 .A1 G7

CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae.  Ref. QA 273.3 .Z95 2000
Internet Sites
Meta, Directories

Yahoo's Mathematics
Utilizes a directory format along with "most popular" sites.

Internet Public Library's Mathematics
No directory arrangement--sites are arranged  alphabetically.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
Looks are deceiving as only 15 categories are listed in a directory format but each of these sites opens to a rich collection of Internet

A  Catalog of Mathematical Resources on the WWW and Internet

Mathematics on the Web
This site is nice because all the topics are alphabetically arranged, e.g., algebra, chaos, etc. 

Mathematics Links

The World Wide Virtual Library:Statistics


Covers a vast collection of sites including pre-prints, software and math sites around the world.

Mathematics Web Sites


Related Topics

Mathematics Department Web Servers:

Societies and Associations

Institutes and Centers

Commercial Pages

Mathematics Journals

Mathematics Preprints

Subject Area Pages

Other Archived Materials

Mathematics Software

American Mathematical Society Homepage
This site  is good for online journals, books and anything having to do with the AMS.

Mathematical Resources Web Servers
Good for the various sub disciplines of math

Math Archives
Good for teaching materials, software; Topics in Mathematics has a searchable database.

Composed of four parts: The Journal of Online Mathematics, which includes essays on teaching strategies; Digital Classroom Resources, which "provides a select collection of free online learning materials which are available through the site. These materials have been classroom tested and peer reviewed"; Convergence, which is an online history magazine; and MAA Reviews, which is a database of books and book reviews. Must be an MAA member to use.

Multi-Repository Mathematics Collection
"From the Multi-Repository Mathematics Collections site you will gain access to three of the most significant mathematics collections digitally available: The Mathematics Collection from Cornell, the Mathematics Collection from Göttingen, and the University of Michigan's Historical Math Collection." Can do basic, Boolean and bibliographic searches.

Mathematical Functions
Contains 37,000 functions.

Cornell University Historical Math Monographs
Covers 512 math monographs.

Links to Web sites on the history of mathematics

The Mathematical Atlas: A Gateway to Modern Mathematics
Arranged according to the Mathematics Subject Classification. Each subject covers an introduction, bibliography and other links.

The Prime Pages
This site ie devoted exclusively to prime numbers.

"QuickMath is an automated service for answering common math problems over the internet.

Think of it as an online calculator that solves equations and does all sorts of algebra and calculus problems - instantly and automatically!

When you submit a question to QuickMath, it is processed by Mathematica, the largest and most powerful computer algebra package available today. The answer is then sent back to you and displayed right there on your browser, usually within a couple of seconds. "

The Math Forum: Ask Dr Math
Allows you to ask math problems for students from grade school through college.


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