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Philosophy Pathfinder

Literati is a library guide that mines the information from the online Credo reference books. At the top you will see a navigation  bar with links to the branches of philosophy. easter and western philosophy, etc

 A Dictionary of Philosophy  available online through Credo Reference)

Dictionary of Existentialism (Ref. B . D 455 1999)



. We have three books in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series (available online): Medieval Philosophers ); British Philosophers,1500-1799  and British Philosophers, 1800-2000 ( These are outstanding sources. Essays are fifteen pages or more and treat the subject in a critical manner. Good suggestions for further research, including location of papers. Great Thinkers, A-Z -- available online).

Online, The Window: Philosophers gives thumbnail sketches of (mostly) western philosophers. Links to other sources. Better is Philosophers & Works. Epistemelinks' Philosophers is good, too, as it connects you to many web sites for a philosopher. See also Biographical History of Philosophy from its Origins in Greece down to the present day.
Internet Sites

Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base. Has a search engine plus subjects.

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought. Excellent source for philosophers.

A-Z: The Philosophy of (Almost) Everything. Good for unusual philosophy links.

The Ten Big Questions. Coverage:

Big Bang Theory — how and why did the universe begin?
Time Travel — is time travel physically or logically possible?
Meaning of Life — what's the point of living? why are we here?
Creation vs. Evolution — are we descended from apes?
Artificial Intelligence — could a computer have a mind?
Life After Death — what is death and why should we fear it?
Extraterrestrial Life — are we alone in the universe?
Cultural Relativism — are moral values relative or absolute?
Ethical Dilemmas — how do we decide between right and wrong?
Social Justice — should the rich help the poor?

Internet Public Library: Philosophy

OU Philosophy Departments Links. This an assortment of links, some of which are covered in this pathfinder. Nonetheless, check it out.

Ethics Updates. Covers two main areas: ethical theory and applied ethics. Also a section on resources.

Philosophy Pages. Emphasis on western philosophy. Covers four main areas: a dictionary; history of western philosophy; major figures in philosophy and logic.

Concepts: The Way of the Intellect This is an alpha arrangement of hundreds of sites.
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What Can I do with a degree in Philosophy and
Writing A Philosophy Paper

A Brief Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers.  How to pick a topic, document, and what to avoid.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper.  This site is one professor's directions to his students.

Evaluating Internet Research Sites.  This site is a must read for all those who think anything can be found on the Internet.

People with Online Papers in Philosophy

PhilSci Archives - This is an electronic archive for pre-prints in the philosophy of science.


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