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Aesthetics Pathfinder

African Art Pathfinder

African History Pathfinder

African Politics

American Art Pathfinder

American History Pathfinder

American Labor History Pathfinder

American Religious Experience

American Revolution Pathfinder

Ancient Greek Philosophy Pathfinder

Anthropological Linguistics Pathfinder

Anthropological Theory Pathfinder

Anthropology of Religion Pathfinder

Anthropology Pathfinder

Archaeology of North America

Archaeology Pathfinder

Art and Art History Pathfinder

Asian American Experience

Asian Religion Pathfinder

Author's Rights for Scholars & Researchers


Baroque Art Pathfinder

Bioethics Pathfinder

Biology Pathfinder

Black American History Pathfinder

Botany Pathfinder

British History Pathfinder

Buddhist Art Pathfinder

Business and Economic Statistics Pathfinder

Business Ethics Pathfinder


Chemistry Pathfinder

Chinese Art Pathfinder

Chinese History Pathfinder

Christian Ethics Pathfinder

Civil Liberties Pathfinder

Civil Rights Movement Pathfinder

Civil War and Reconstruction Pathfinder

Cold War America Pathfinder

Computer Science Pathfinder

Concepts of God and Man in Judaism


Copyright Resources for Faculty

Country Information

Criminal Justice Pathfinder

Criminal Law and the Judiciary

Crittenton Nurses - EBP Research

Cultural Anthropology Pathfinder



Death and Dying Pathfinder

Decorative Arts Pathfinder


Early Christianity Pathfinder

Early Modern Philosophy

Economics Pathfinder

Engineering Handbooks Pathfinder

English Art History Pathfinder

Ethics Pathfinder


Family History Pathfinder

Feminist Theory Pathfinder

Film Pathfinder

Financial Resources for Medical Students

Finding Images on the Web

Folklore Pathfinder

Free e-books

Free Will, Agency and Responsibility

French Art Pathfinder

French History Pathfinder


Gay and Lesbian Resources Pathfinder

General Reference Sources for Business Pathfinder

Geriatrics and Gerontology Pathfinder

German Art Pathfinder

German History Pathfinder

German Literature Pathfinder

Getting Started with Nursing Research

Gilded Age Pathfinder

Global Justice

Government Documents: Federal

Greek Art Pathfinder


Health Sciences Pathfinder

Historical Archaeology

History - 19th Century U.S. History

History - 20th Century U.S. History

History - Africa

History - Asia

History - Colonial and Early U.S. History

History - Eastern Europe

History - Latin America

History - Middle East

History - Western Europe

History of Photography Pathfinder

History of Science Pathfinder


Human Resource Development Pathfinder


International Relations Pathfinder

Interpersonal Relationships

Introduction to Christianity

Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Judaism

Irish History Pathfinder

Islam in America

Islamic Art Pathfinder

Islamic Ethics Pathfinder

Italian Renaissance History Pathfinder


Japanese Art Pathfinder

Japanese History Pathfinder

Jewish Ethics Pathfinder

Jewish History

Jews in America Pathfinder

Juvenile Delinquency


Latin American History Pathfinder

Latin American Politics

Legal Research Pathfinder

Library Guide for Distance and Online Students

Library Services and Resources for Patrons with Disabilities

Linguistics Pathfinder

Logic Pathfinder


Maps and Atlases Pathfinder

Mathematics Pathfinder

Medical Anthropology Pathfinder

Medical Reference Sources Pathfinder

Medical Sociology Pathfinder

Medieval History Pathfinder

Medieval Philosophy Pathfinder

Medieval, Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic Art Pathfinder

Mental Causation

Mesoamerican Archaeology

Metaphysics Pathfinder

Middle Eastern History and Politics Pathfinder

Mythology Pathfinder


Native American Art Pathfinder

Near Eastern Art Pathfinder

North American Indians



Oakland University Alumni Association Library Resources

Online Encyclopedias

Open Access resources for Faculty

Open Educational Resources for Faculty

OU Libraries User Survey - LibQUAL


People and Cultures of India

Peoples and Culture of China

Philosophy of Biology

Philosophy of Gender

Philosophy of Language Pathfinder

Philosophy of Law Pathfinder

Philosophy of Mind Pathfinder

Philosophy of Religion Pathfinder

Philosophy of Science Pathfinder

Philosophy of Sexuality Pathfinder

Philosophy Pathfinder

Physical Anthropology Pathfinder

Physical Therapy Pathfinder

Physics Pathfinder

Political Philosophy Pathfinder

Political Science Pathfinder

Political Sociology Pathfinder

Pre Columbian Art Pathfinder

Primate Behavior Pathfinder

Prints and Printmaking Pathfinder


Psychological Anthropology Pathfinder

Public Administration Pathfinder

Public Health


Race and Crime

Reformation Pathfinder

Religion Pathfinder

Renaissance Art Pathfinder

REU - Research Experience for Undergraduates

Roman Art Pathfinder

Russian Art Pathfinder

Russian History Pathfinder

Russian Politics Pathfinder


Sacred Texts

Science and Religion Pathfinder

Scottish History Pathfinder

Small Groups Pathfinder

Social Anthropology Pathfinder

Social Good

Social Movements

Social Stratification Pathfinder

Social Welfare Pathfinder

Sociological Theory Pathfinder

Sociology of Aging Pathfinder

Sociology of Community Pathfinder

Sociology of Deviance Pathfinder

Sociology of Gender Pathfinder

Sociology of Human Sexuality Pathfinder

Sociology of Law Pathfinder

Sociology of Mental Illness Pathfinder

Sociology of Police Pathfinder

Sociology of Religion Pathfinder

Sociology of the Family Pathfinder

Sociology Pathfinder

STEM Job Search Workshop

Surveillance Society


Textbooks* at OU and beyond

The Bible as Literature

Theories of Knowledge

Theories of Truth


Urban Sociology Pathfinder

Using Data in the Classroom

Using Multimedia in the Classroom


Virtual Reference Collection


White Collar Crime

Who has cited my work?

Witchcraft and the Occult Pathfinder

Women and Crime

Women in Art Pathfinder

Women Studies Pathfinder

World Religions

Writing resources for students


Zoology Pathfinder

Explore Topics


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