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LIBRARY GUIDE TO CNS 6010 - Counseling Testing and Assessment

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Other learning tools that may be helpful: You may need to cite a test or review of a test -- here are resources that explain both citations:
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Find Books

Library OneSearch
Use the catalog to find books, videos, recordings, and goverment documents we have at the library.

A statewide catalog of many of Michigan's libraries. It allows you to request books at another library be sent to Kresge Library for you.

Counseling Videos
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff AVON: Academic Video Online
A multidisciplinary collection of videos that touches on the curriculum needs of virtually every department. Look for specialized collections (Theatre in Video, Opera in Video) under Advanced Search.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Psychotherapy.net
A streaming video collection of over 50 videos featuring demonstrations of psychotherapy and counseling sessions, covering a wide range of modalities, populations, and approaches.
Online Reference Materials
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development
This is an is an authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of experts, it adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers everything from prenatal development to education, pediatrics, neuroscience, theories and research methods to physical development, social development, cognitive development, psychopathology and parenting (2005).
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural School Psychology
"Five foundational topics provide an overall grounding for the more than 400 entries that follow. The content of these five chapters includes an overview of the history of cross-cultural school psychology in the United States, a review of cross-cultural competencies, discussion about disparities in school services, consideration of multicultural assessment tools, and future directions in the field of school psychology." (Preface)
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Encyclopedia of Counseling
"By covering all of the major theories, approaches, and contemporary issues in counseling, the encyclopedia includes close to 600 entries. To enable the reader to understand the major approaches and themes within the field of counseling, the current encyclopedia has been divided into four volumes: (1) changes and challenges facing counseling, (2) personal and emotional counseling, (3) cross-cultural counseling, and (4) career counseling."
Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan
You may request materials we don't have and we'll borrow them from another library for you.



Refworks allows you to create a personal database of references and automatically generate formatted bibliographies for your projects.

Writing Help
APA Style Guide (from the APA)
The Writing Center at Oakland University
Finding Tests & Assessments Online
Finding Tests and Assessments Online
As you look for information on tests and measures online, you should begin by looking for information about the test or assessment you are researching. You can use: 
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
A comprehensive guide and bibliography to contemporary testing instruments. Contains descriptive information (test purpose, publisher, pricing, population, and scores) and edited reviews written by leading content area experts. How to export to RefWorks

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff PsycTESTS
A research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information.

You may also want to look at test publishers' websites, which you can often find by using a search engine to find information on your test or assessment.
Print Books on Tests
In addition to our online resources, OU Libraries also have a Test Critiques, a 10-book series that provides validity and reliability information on many tests.

Find information about Test Critiques here, or locate them on the second (main) floor of the Kresge Library at REF BF 176 .T149.
Finding Scholarly Articles about a Test
Contextualizing Tests and Assessments
Once you have found information about your test or assessment, you should then use OU Libraries' scholarly databases to find:
  • Reviews of tests and assessments
  • Psychometric evaluations of tests or assessments
  • Test or assessment information in an article's appendix 
Your best bet resources are:
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff PsycINFO
Need articles in psychology or counseling? Use PsycINFO! It's a great resource and is published by the American Psychological Association. How to export to RefWorks

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff ERIC
Includes education and related topics - journal articles, conferences, meetings, government documents, theses, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, directories, books and monographs.  How to export to RefWorks

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff JSTOR
Full text of core scholarly journals from their beginning to approximately one year ago. Disciplines include botany, business, ecology, general science, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, and statistics. Browsable by discipline and full-text searchable across all disciplines. Especially good for historic or classic articles in most fields. Coverage: 1665 to present. How to export to RefWorks

Good keywords and key phrases to find this kind of information include psychometrics, assessment, "test validity," "test reliability," validity, reliability
ACA Journals
In addition to looking in OU Libraries' databases, you may also want to search directly in the ACA journals that the Libraries have access to: Those journals not hyperlinked are not available through OU Libraries.
Finding a Specific Resource

To locate articles that are cited in a bibliography, use Library OneSearch . For example, to find the article:

  • Marsh, H. W., & Richards, G. E. (1988). Tennessee self concept scale: Reliability, internal structure, and construct validity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 55(4), 612-624.

Search by Title in Library OneSearch. Type in a portion of the article title in quotations: "Tennessee self concept scale reliability"

You'll see that we have access to this article online and in print.


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