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LIBRARY GUIDE TO DES4430 - Graphic Design III

Demographic and Market Research
Public Domain travel poster  
Several resources from OU Libraries and the open web will allow you to research basic information about your target population. 
I recommend starting with Demographics Now--here is a video (11:21) introducing how to use it for demographic information. 
If you'd like help or to set up a virtual research consultation to talk about your project, contact me! greer@oakland.edu
Marketing Information--Books
Using OneSearch, you can find books which detail how to market to specific groups: families, teens, etc.

Marketing Information--Journal Articles
Using these databases, you can search for information on how others have marketed to your target audience.
Citing Demographics Now
Examples of APA style, courtesy The Bentley Library:

DemographicsNow. (2012). Boston, MA demographic detail summary [Data]. Retrieved June 21, 2012, from DemographicsNow database.

DemographicsNow. (2012). Boston, MA and San Francisco household comparison [Data]. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from DemographicsNow database.

DemographicsNow. (2012). Whole Foods [Company profile]. Retrieved June 17 2012, from DemographicsNow database.

DemographicsNow. (2012). Custom business search, NAICS Code 447 (gasoline stations) in Middlesex County, MA [Data]. Retrieved June 21, 2012, from DemographicsNow database.

Experian Marketing Services. (n.d.). Type G25: Urban edge. Mosaic USA. Retrieved March 26, 2015, from DemographicsNow database.

Event and Industry Information
Pure Michigan

Many industries in Michigan have their own websites or related professional organizations, and these will often have valuable reports on who their customers are and what profits are, etc. One good example is the website of the Michigan Wine industry. Look for "About" or "Media" pages--they'll typically have fast facts and other data that you can use.

Michigan Museums Association
Michigan Recreation & Park Association
Charity Navigator--budget information, etc. for registered non-profit organizations

Don't be afraid to contact staff from an organization! Non-profits keep careful statistics on their attendance, funding, and other valuable information, and are often more than happy to share it. 
Additional Resources
Ethnography Resources
Ethnography resources can help you to understand the motivations and behaviors of your target audience.

Reference Articles

Reference articles (encyclopedias and the like) can be a great place to start your research, learn basic information about your potential topic, and get some ideas for further reading (most have bibliographies).  Kresge Library maintains an extensive collection of online virtual encyclopedias and reference tools.

Online Encyclopedias
Virtual Reference Collection

Research articles

By using the "subject search" tab in this database, you can see if there is a subject term that matches your population.  Subdivisions of that term might include terms such as "behavior", "case studies", or "observations".

Sociological Abstracts

Subject-specific databases contain journal articles, newspaper articles, and other items relevant to the particular discipline.  These resources are both good for ethnographies.  Try searching using keywords such as "behavior", "culture", "characteristics" and the like, combined with your population group keyword, or search the subject headings for your target population.

Library OneSearch, accessible at the top of the screen, would also be an excellent resource.

Images and Inspiration
ARTstor : Image library
ArtStor subject guide: Design
Creative Commons Search: Search for images and media that are licensed for free reuse by anyone.

Graphic Design Websites
HOW Blog
Ask the Art Librarian
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