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LIBRARY GUIDE TO ECN 2020 - Principles of Global Macroeconomics

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Resources

BEA News Release on GDP
Tables and other GDP information can be found on the right hand side.

FRED - GDP Graph and Data
An interactive, customizable graph of GDP data from the Federal Reserve. Data can be downloaded via links on the left side of the page.

World Bank - Real GDP
International GDP Data

International Monetary Fund
IMF International Financial Statistics (IFS) information on GDP.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics: CPI News Release (PDF)
BLS report on CPI. HTML version available.

FRED: Consumer Price Indexes
CPI data from the Federal Reserve.

World Bank Data: CPI
Inflation, consumer prices (annual %) from the World Bank

International Monetary Fund: Consumer Price Index
Interactive CPI data from the IMF.

National Debt Resources

FRED: Public Debt
National debt as percent of GDP.

International Monetary Fund: General Government Gross Debt
IMF debt information via Google Public Data.

World Bank: central government debt
National debt as percent of GDP from the World Bank.

Unemployment Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics: The Employment Situation (PDF)
Most recent BLS news release on employment. HTML version available

FRED: Civilian Employment
Civilian employment - population ratio from the Federal Reserve.

World Bank: Unemployment
Unemployment, total as % of total labor force.

International Monetary Fund: Unemployment
Interactive display of unemployment rate data from the IMF.

Exchange Rate Resources
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