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LIBRARY GUIDE TO HC 3900 - Introduction to the Thesis

Identify a topic
To help you find or refine a topic, you can:

Scan encyclopedias in the discipline of your choice.

They provide overviews of issues and research trends in a discipline.
  • For discipline-specific information, see the library's specialized online encyclopedias.
  • Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Credo Reference A collection of encyclopedias in various disciplines. The "concept map" search allows you to explore general topics and refine them, using an interactive map of topics and subtopics. Credo offers a video demonstration of this feature.
  • Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Thanks to Mel Opposing Viewpoints in Context : Easy to browse set of resources on controversial social issues.
  • Virtual reference collection: a list of online sources to find information on everything. For example:
  • : A huge and highly heterogeneous multidisciplinary mix of scholarly, journalistic, practitioner and popular sources, with much direct full-text included. Use the list of related subjects to explore a topic.
  • For a detailed overview of resources in each discipline, see the library's Research Guides.
Find the best place to look for sources
Once you have chosen your topic you will need to identify where to look for resources in your discipline.
  • KL has a list of specialized databases (specific to disciplines) under Databases by Subject.
  • Research guides offer more specific suggestions for the best databases, websites and other resources on a given discipline or topic.
Find peer-reviewed articles
Need peer-reviewed articles?
To make sure that you find peer-reviewed articles, you can:
  • limit your search to "peer-reviewed" (also called refereed) articles.
  • check whether a journal is peer-reviewed in Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Ulrich's Periodicals Directory . Enter the journal title in the search box.  When you find it, check whether it has the icon in front. If so, it is peer-reviewed.
  • check the website of the journal, or a print copy, to see if they mention anything about peer review. 
Conduct a literature review
Here are some tips to find, organize and manage the sources you find.
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Need Subject-Specific Help?
Find Books

Library OneSearch
Use the catalog to find books, videos, recordings, and goverment documents we have at the library.

A statewide catalog of many of Michigan's libraries. It allows you to request books at another library be sent to Kresge Library for you.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan
You may request materials we don't have and we'll borrow them from another library for you.


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