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LIBRARY GUIDE TO HS 4150 - Nutrient Metabolism

Where to start...
Research and read lots of information to develop your understanding of the topic.

START by exploring Library OneSearch (includes books, ebooks, academic journals, newspapers) 

*Try search terms like "gluten free" AND diet and use facets on left to narrow by source type - choose "Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review"

Quick reference tools
General background, disease information and patient resources:
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff AccessMedicine Collection of 60 full-text medical and basic sciences books, also includes images, videos, diagnostic tools, patient education handouts, and drug information.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff DynaMed  Clinical reference tool written by physicians who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis to help health care providers in their daily practice. Designed to provide quick answers to clinical questions.
Unrestricted Resource MedlinePlus  MedlinePlus is produced by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It offers reliable, up-to-date health information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in plain language. An excellent source for patient information.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Natural Medicines  A peer-reviewed, authoritative source for information on complementary and integrative therapies.  It is composed of 7 distinct databases:  Food, Herbs Supplements, Health & Wellness, Sports Medicine, Comparative Effectiveness, Manufacturers, Commercial Products, and Medical Conditions.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff UpToDate
A large, evidence-based online resource covering thousands of internal medicine, pediatric, OB/GYN, and surgical topics. Designed to answer point-of-care clinical questions.
Scientific Literature
Research Literature - first start with these databases:
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff CINAHL Complete  The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) is a comprehensive and highly-authoritative database for research in nursing and health sciences.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff ClinicalKey  Medical and surgical, including more than 900 books, 500 journals, thousands of videos and millions of images. To access the PDF, please log in or register for a free account.
Unrestricted Resource PubMed Central
The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal articles.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Medline via Web of Science   **(Use this interface first) MEDLINE is the premier database for biomedical journal citations dates back to 1946 and includes more than 20 million citations in medicine, nursing, allied health and dentistry. 

Research Literature - then try these databases:
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff EMBase  
Comprehensive coverage of the preclinical, medical and pharmacological sciences. Strong in the European literature, EMBase includes 2,000 not currently covered by Medline.
Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Scopus  Largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature supporting research needs in the scientific, technical, medical and social sciences fields and arts and humanities.
Evaluating sources chart
Quality of Research Evidence Chart
Library Contact
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Julia Rodriguez
Associate Professor / Health Sciences & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Schedule a research consultation (Fall & Winter only) - Currently all consultaions are conducted via GoogleMeet. 

If none of the time slots work for you or if there are none available, email me directly and suggest a date & time and I will do my best to accommodate you.



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Critical Appraisal tools
Five steps involved in writing a CAT for a clinical purpose:
  1. Ask”- Asking a focused and answerable question that translates uncertainty to an answerable question
  2. Search”- Searching for the best available evidence
  3. Appraise”- Critically appraising the evidence for validity and clinical relevance
  4. Apply” - Applying the results to clinical practice
  5. Evaluate” - Evaluation of performance
Center for Evidenced Based Medicine's CATs worksheets 
*View Sample article
Government, web, OER resources
Web Resources
>Linus Pauling Institute's Micronutrient Information Center -source for scientifically accurate information regarding the roles of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals (plant chemicals that may affect health), and other dietary factors, including some food and beverages, in preventing disease and promoting health

>General overview of the major metabolic pathways (Prof. Doutor Pedro Silva Universidade Fernando Pessoa)

Open Educational Resources (OERs)
>Human Nutrition Flexbook. goo.gl/vOAnR
Lindshield, B. L. Kansas State University  (FNDH 400) 


> Energy & Metabolism lesson- Rice University OER Commons

>Lipid Metabolism - open book - Edited by Rodrigo Valenzuela Baez, ISBN 978-953-51-0944-0, 472 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published January 23, 2013 under CC BY 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/2928

If you need...source chart
Fact news
Relevant books/ebooks
  1. Bijlefeld, M., & Zoumbaris, S. K. (2014). Encyclopedia of diet fads: Understanding science and society, 2nd edition: Understanding science and society (2nd ed.). Westport: Greenwood.
  2. Cargill, K. (2017). Food cults: How fads, dogma, and doctrine influence diet. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.
  3. Delgado, A. M. (2017;2016;). Chemistry of the mediterranean diet (1st 2016 ed.). DE: Springer International Publishing.
  4. Duyff, R. L., & American Dietetic Association. (2012). American dietetic association complete food and nutrition guide (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
  5. Francis, A., & Thomson Gale (Firm). (2016). Can diets be harmful?. Farmington Hills, Mich: Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning.
  6. Farooqui, A. A., & SpringerLink (Online service). (2015). High calorie diet and the human brain metabolic consequences of long-term consumption. Cham: Springer International Publishing.Link
  7. Hoffman, R., & Gerber, M. (2012;2013;). The mediterranean diet: Health and science (1st ed.). Ames, Iowa;Chichester, West Sussex, UK;: Wiley-Blackwell.
  8. Key, K., & Thomson Gale (Firm). (2013). The gale encyclopedia of diets: A guide to health and nutrition (2nd ed.). Detroit, Mich: Gale, Cengage Learning
  9. Mahan, L. K., & Escott-Stump, S. (2004). Krause's food, nutrition, & diet therapy (11th ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders.
  10. Martin, C. R., Preedy, V. R., & Watson, R. R. (2011). Handbook of behavior, food and nutrition (2011;1; ed.). New York: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-0-387-92271-3
  11. Ornish, D. (1993). Eat more, weigh less: Dr. dean ornish's life choice program for losing weight safely while eating abundantly (1st ed.). New York: HarperCollins.
  12. Preedy, V. R., Hunter, L., & Patel, V. B. (2013). Diet quality an evidence-based approach, volume 1 (1;2013; ed.). New York, NY: Springer New York. doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-7339-8
  13. Robbins, J. (1987). Diet for a new america. Walpole, NH: Stillpoint.
  14. Romagnolo, D. F., Selmin, O. I., & SpringerLink (Online service). (2016). Mediterranean diet dietary guidelines and impact on health and disease (1st 2016.;1st 2016; ed.). Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-27969-5
  15. Teicholz, N. (2014). The big fat surprise: Why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet (First Simon & Schuster hardcover ed.). New York: Simon & Schuster.
  16. Zacharias, E. (2012). The mediterranean diet: A Clinician’s guide for patient care (1) (2012th ed.). New York, NY: Springer New York. doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-3326-2

Citation Tools
Citation Style Guides APA: 
APA Formating and Style Guide with examples (by Owl at Purdue)
Citation Style Guides AMA:
Quick reference - AMA citation style tutorial 
Online tutorial - AMA style Stat! 

AMA manual of style : a guide for authors and editors. American Medical Association Manual of Style. 10th edition (2007). Call #:R 119 .A533 2007 located in Reference - 2nd Floor South (Non-Circulating)  See: Chapter 3 References (p 39-79) 

Sample citation: 

Journal Article: (3.11.1, p47-49)

Klein, T. Credentialing the Nurse Practionioner in Your Workplace: Evaluating Scope for Safe Practice. Nurs Admin Q. 2008;32(4):273-278.

Citation Managers:
RefWorks is available through the Library subcriptions. You create a personal database of references, generate a bibliography from your list of references & automatically format in any common citation style. When setting up an account choose New Refworks. View tutorials for using New Refworks


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