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LIBRARY GUIDE TO MDM1 9120 - Neuroscience

This web page of resources has been created to support medical students' learning of neuroscience. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions for resources to be included or excluded on the page, please contact Misa Mi. Thank you!
Texbooks for Neuroscience
Note: All books required or recommended for the course have multiple copies available in the OUWB Medical Library Study Room (KL 102). For ebooks available online, please click on the links below to connect to the full content of the ebooks. 

  • Reqired: Moore KL, Agur AM, Dalley AF. Essential Clinical Anatomy. 4th ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2015; QM 23.2 .M673 2014  
  • Recommended: Harvey RA, Ferrier DR. Biochemistry (Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Series), 6th ed. LWW; 2014.  QP 514.2 .C48 2014
Cell Biology
  • Resource for Review: Goodman SR. Medical Cell Biology.3rd ed. Elsevier/Academic Press; 2008. Call No: QH 581.2 .M43 2008 
  • Recommended: Alberts B. Essential Cell Biology. 3rd ed. Garland Science; 2010. QH 581.2 .E78 2010 
EmbryologyHistologyMolecular & Cell Biology
  • Resource for Review: Chandar, N, Viselli, S. Cell and Molecular Biology (Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Series). Wollters Kluwer Health/LWW; 2010. QH 581.2 .C47 2010
  • Required: Gould, DJ, Brueckner-Collins, JK. High-Yield Neuroanatomy. 5th ed. Wolters Kluwer; 2016. QM 451 .G68 2016
  • Recommended: Nolte, J. The Human Brain: An Introduction to Its Functional Anatomy. 6th ed. Mosby/Elsevier; 2009
  • Recommended: Gould, DJ, Brueckner, JK. Sidman's Neuroanatomy. 2nd ed. LWW; 2008. QM 451 .S5 2008
  • Recommended: Gould, DJ, Fix, JD. Neuroanatomy (BRS)). 5th ed. LWW; 2013. QM 451 .G68 2014
  • Recommended: Gould, DJ. Lippincott's Pocket Neuroanatomy. LWW; 2014. QM 451 .G67 2014
  • Recommended: Daroff, R. Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice. 7th ed. ClinicalKey; 2016
Other Resources from the Web
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Misa Mi
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Research Consultation
Call us or use our Research Consultation Calendar to request a one-on-one meeting with a medical librarian to discuss in-depth information needs such as the literature search for your Capstone project.
Multimedia Resources
Self-Assessment Resources
Online Resources
  • EXAM MASTER OnLine: a question bank from Exam Maser Corporation, containing general knowledge and USMLE-style questions
    How to access: Go to EXAM MASTER OnLine, click on "First Time Registration", enter your name and valid OU email address. Your temporary password will be sent to your email address. Please make sure your email is accurage. Use your temporary password to login to the question bank. Your temporary password can be changed under "My Account".
  • USMLE Easy: a question bank from the McGraw-Hill Online Testing Service, containing general knowledge and USMLE-style questions
    How to access it: Click on USMLE Easy, set up a free account, log on under "Personal Account Login", choose the "Create an Exam" tab to create an exam, select an exam mode, mark "I want to specify Discipline...", choose the disciplines "Anatomy" or "Neuroscience", specify the number of questions in the exam you create, and click the "Start Exam" button.


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