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LIBRARY GUIDE TO MDM2 9226 - Integrative Evidence Based Medicine

Recommended Textbook
Summaries & Preappraised Research
Summaries and Guidelines Preappraised Research

Synopses of Syntheses
  • Cochrane Reviews (Systematic Reviews) via the Cochrane Library
  • Systematic Reviews in PubMed (search results filtered to Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis under Article Type.)
Synopses of Studies
Non-preappraised Research
Non-preappraised Research

Learning about Evidence-Based Medicine
Library Remote Services
Federated Search Engines
Federated Search Engines for EBM Resources 
  • ACCESSSS Federated Search: searching high-quality EBM resources simultaneously from every level of the Pyramid of EBM resources (registration required)
  • TRIP (Turning Research into Practice): a free search engine fro EBM resources
  • SumSearch: simultaneously searching for original studies, systematic reviews, and practice guidelines from PubMed
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