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LIBRARY GUIDE TO MDM3 9514 - Surgery Clerkship

Introduction to Guide
This guide pulls together some of the major resources in general surgery. It includes links to the online recommended textbooks for the clerkship as well as to other books, journals, databases and media for self-directed learning. It's designed to help you "study for your patients."
Recommended Textbooks (From the Syllabus)
NEW EDITION!  Blackbourne. Surgical Recall. 9th ed. 2022. [LWW Health Library]
[Print copy available at OUWB MedStudy Room 102 - RD37.2 .S87 2022]

Brunicardi. Schwartz's Principles of Surgery. 11th ed. 2019 [AccessMedicine]
[Print copy available at OUWB MedStudy Room 102 - RD31 .P88 2019]

Harken. Abernathy's Surgical Secrets. 7th ed. 2018 [ClinicalKey]
[Print copy available at OUWB MedStudy Room 102 - RD37.2 .H375 2018]

NEW EDITION!  Klingensmith. Washington Manual of Surgery. 8th ed. 2020 [OvidSP]
[Print copy available at OUWB MedStudy Room 102 - RD31 .W37 2020]

NEW EDITION!  Townsend. Sabiston Textbook of Surgery. 21st ed. 2022 [ClinicalKey]
[Print copy available at OUWB MedStudy Room 102 - RD 31 .T473 2021]

NEW EDITION!  Christian de Virgilio. Surgery, A Case Based Clinical Review.  2nd ed. 2020 [SpringerLink]

Many additional surgery ebooks are available through the ClinicalKey database, AccessSurgery, and other sources through the library's catalog.
Surgical Atlases
Ellison. Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations. 10th ed. 2016 [AccessSurgery]

Hunter. Atlas of Minimally Invavsive Surgical Operations. 2018 [AccessSurgery]

Go to the AFCP course guide for general anatomy resources.
Review & Study Materials
Jarrell. NMS National Medical Series for Independent Study: Surgery. 6th ed. 2016 [LWW Health Library-Clerkship]

Karp. Blueprints: Surgery. 5th ed. 2008 [LWW Health Library-Clerkship]

Toy. Case Files Surgery. 5th ed. 2016 [AccessMedicine Case Files]

Zaslau. Shelf-Life Surgery. 2015. [LWW Health Library-Clerkship]

Zaslau. Step-Up to Surgery. 2nd ed. 2014 [LWW Health Library-Clerkship]

NBME Practice Tests
More eBooks
NEW EDITION!  Cameron. Current Surgical Therapy. 13th ed. 2020 [ClinicalKey]

NEW EDITION!  Doherty. Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Surgery. 15th ed. 2020 [AccessSurgery]

NEW EDITION!  Lawrence. Essentials of General Surgery. 6th ed. 2019. [LWW Health Library-Clerkship]

Minter. Current Procedures: Surgery. 2010 [AccessSurgery]

NEW EDITION!  Quick. Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and Managment. 6th ed. 2020 [ClinicalKey]

Velasco. Essential Surgical Procedures. 2016 [ClinicalKey]
Self-Directed Learning Modules
Association for Surgical Education Teaching Modules - Case-based Powerpoint modules on a variety of surgical topics.

Patient Safety Modules - Self-paced course including three modules: Handwashing, Understanding Error, and Communication Concepts. Part of the AccessSurgery system.

UCSF Department of Surgery Videos
 - Gastroesophageal Junction
Stomach, Proximal Duodenum and the Lesser Omental Sac
-   Pre/Post Test pdf  
-   Answer Key pdf 
Key Surgery Journals

From Harvard Medicine. Provides reports of breaking medical literature as well as seminal studies. This subset is from AccessSurgery.
Research Assistance
  • by phone at 248-370-3772
  • via email at medref@oakland.edu
  • in person in the Medical Library Office (7:30am-6:00pm)
Research Consultation

Request a one-on-one meeting with a medical librarian to discuss in-depth information needs such as the literature search for your Capstone project.
Klamen, Debra L. Resident Readiness: General Surgery. McGraw-Hill, 2014 [AccessSurgery] - Click into the chapters to listen to the audio version!

Behind the Knife is a podcast that addresses a wide range of surgical topics in an "informal discussion and interview format." It educational topics that covers all stages of a surgeon's career.

AccessSurgery Videos - Brief videos of a variety of procedures.

Behind the Knife Videos - A curated collection of videos from the popular podcast posted on AccessSurgery.

Procedures Consult - Videos with detailed instructions of common medical and surgical procedures. Part of the ClincalKey database.
This is a collection of 21 full-text surgical specialty and sub-specialty textbooks and atlases from McGraw-Hill, including Schwartz's Principles of Surgery and Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations. AccessSurgery also includes images, videos, patient education handouts, drug information and self-assessment tools.
LWW Health Library - Clerkship
Collection of key texts and review books in each of the core clerkship rotations - Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery. Also contains review materials for USMLE Step 2 and 3. Search a specific book, within a clerkship collection, or across the entire database.
Medical and surgical content from Elsevier, including more than 900 books, 500 journals, thousands of videos and millions of images. To download book chapter PDFs, please log in or register for a free account. NOTE: Vendor recommends updating to most recent version of browser. To see a list of just the books on surgery, click here.

Drug Information
Clinical Pharmacology
A comprehensive drug database used by over 2,000 hospitals, Clinical Pharmacology contains up-to-date, detailed information on thousands of drugs. Its advanced features allows you to run reports on interactions, search by indication and contraindication, check IV compatibility, and print patient information materials.
Micromedex is a collection of databases containing full-text information on drugs, toxicology, and diseases. The drug information is detailed, referenced, and includes drug comparisons and identification, therapeutic class searching, and dosing. Micromedex also includes an extensive patient education component.