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LIBRARY GUIDE TO MDM3 9522 - Neurology Clerkship

Introduction to Guide
This guide pulls together some of the major resources in neurology. It includes links to the online recommended textbooks for the clerkship as well as to other books, journals, databases and media for self-directed learning. It's designed to help you "study for your patients."
Recommended Textbooks (From the Syllabus)
NEW EDITION! Anschel. Neurology:  PreTest Self-Assessment and Review. 10th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2021. [AccessNeurology]
NEW EDITION! Blumenfeld. Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases. 3rd ed. Sinauer, 2021.
   Print only. Copies available in the OUWB and Beaumont medical libraries.
DeArmond. Structure of the Human Brain: A Photographic Atlas. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, 1989.
    Print only. Copies available in the OUWB and Beaumont medical libraries.

NEW EDITION! Drislane. Blueprints in Neurology. 5th ed. Wolters Kluwer.  2019.  [LWW Health Library]
Gelb. Introduction to Clinical Neurology. 5th ed. Oxford University Press, 2016. [Oxford Medicine Online]

Gray. Escourolle & Poirier Manual of Basic Neuropathology. 6th ed. Oxford University Press, 2018.
   Print only. Copies available in the OUWB and Beaumont medical libraries.

NEW EDITION! Jankovic. Bradley and Daroff's Neurology in Clinical Practice. 8th ed. Elsevier, 2022. [ClinicalKey]
NEW EDITION! Louis. Merritt's Neurology. 14th ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2021. [Books@Ovid]
Osborn A. Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy. 2nd ed. Elsevier, 20018. [Books@Ovid]

Toy EC. Case Files: Neurology. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2018. [AccessMedicine: Case Files]

Print copies are on reserve at the OUWB and Beaumont medical libraries.
Other eBooks
Burst. Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Neurology. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2019. [AccessMedicine]

Haines. Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context: Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes. 10th ed. Wolters Kluwer, 2019. [LWW Health Library: Medical Education]

Hauser. Harrison's Neurology in Clinical Medicine. 4th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2017. [AccessNeurology]

Kass. Neurology Secrets. 6th ed. Elsevier, 2017. [ClinicalKey]

Ropper. Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology. 11th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2019. [AccessMedicine]

Simon. Clinical Neurology. 10th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2018. [AccessMedicine]

Waxman. Clinical Neuroanatomy. 28th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2017. [AccessMedicine]
Research Help
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  • AccessNeurology
    Collection of electronic books in neurology and the neurosciences, including Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology. Also includes images, videos, and self-assessment study tools.
  • ClinicalKey
    Medical and surgical content from Elsevier, including more than 900 books, 500 journals, thousands of videos and millions of images. To download book chapter PDFs, please log in or register for a free account. NOTE: Vendor recommends updating to most recent version of browser.
  • PubMed (MEDLINE)
    The National Library of Medicine's free interface for MEDLINE, the premier database for biomedical journal citations. PubMed dates back to 1946 and includes more than 32 million citations in medicine, nursing, allied health, and dentistry. PubMed also includes citations from PubMed Central and the NCBI Bookshelf.
Clinical Databases
Evidence-based clinical reference tool written by physicians who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis to help health care providers in their daily practice. Designed to provide quick answers to clinical questions. Includes thousands of graphics and images, specialty content, mobile access, and enhanced drug information.
A large, evidence-based online resource covering thousands of internal medicine, pediatric, OB/GYN, and surgical topics. Designed to answer point-of-care clinical questions.
Drug Information
Clinical Pharmacology
A comprehensive drug database used by over 2,000 hospitals, Clinical Pharmacology contains up-to-date, detailed information on thousands of drugs. Its advanced features allows you to run reports on interactions, search by indication and contraindication, check IV compatibility, and print patient information materials.
Micromedex is a collection of databases containing full-text information on drugs, toxicology, and diseases. The drug information is detailed, referenced, and includes drug comparisons and identification, therapeutic class searching, and dosing. Micromedex also includes an extensive patient education component.
Special Collections - Coronavirus

Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center - From a major STEM publisher, here you will find expert, curated information for the research and health community on SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus) and COVID-19 (the disease). Information has also been "packaged" into a useful COVID-19 Healthcare Hub, organized by outpatient, emergency care, inpatient care, and intensive care. All resources are free to access.

JAMA Coronavirus Resource Center - Updated daily with new articles, infographics, multimedia, and links to important information from the CDC and WHO. All articles are free to the public. The site also includes useful information for patients.

NEJM Coronavirus (Covid-19) Topic Page - Collection of articles and other resources on the outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary. Freely available.

Unrestricted Resource WHO COVID-19 Database

Multinational, multi-lingual database of citations to the research literature on the Coronavirus and COVID-19 from the World Health Organization (WHO).

AAN Covid-19 Neurology Resource Guide - From the American Academy of Neurology, a curated collection of links and other resources of interest to the practicing neurologist.