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LIBRARY GUIDE TO NRS 5322 - Introduction to Nursing Scholarship

Searching for Literature
Free downloadable textbook - Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

Suggested nursing databases:

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff CINAHL Complete is a comprehensive and highly-authoritative database for research in nursing and health sciences.

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Cochrane Library A collection of databases that contain evidence for healthcare decision-making. Includes systematic review abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations and individual clinical trials.  

Unrestricted Resource PubMed (MEDLINE) The National Library of Medicine's free interface for MEDLINE, the premier database for biomedical journal citations. 

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Medline via Web of Science
You can also MEDLINE using the Web of Science database which some people find easier. 

Restricted to OU students, faculty, and staff Scopus  Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature with more than 20,500 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers.
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Getting Started (video)
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The library also houses the Technology Help desk that can assist with using Word, Powerpoint and other programs and technology related challenges.
EBP Quality of Evidence Pyramid

EBP Quality of Evidence Pyramid

EBM Pyramid and EBM Page Generator, copyright 2006 Trustees of Dartmouth College and Yale University.

Steps of a Literature Review
  • Problem formulation - which topic or field is being examined and what are the component issues?
  • Literature search - finding materials relevant to the subject explored
  • Data evaluation - determining which literature makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the topic
  • Analysis and interpretations - discussing the findings and conclusions of pertinent literature
Blank Literature Review Critique chart
Books related to writing in nursing
Beins, B. (2012). APA style simplified: Writing in psychology, education, nursing, and sociology (1st ed.). Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
Bonnel, W. E., & Smith, K. V. (2014). Proposal writing for nursing capstones and clinical projects. New York: Springer.
Garrard, J. (2011). Health sciences literature review made easy: The matrix method (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
Holland, K., & Watson, R. (2012). Writing for publication in nursing and healthcare: Getting it right. Ames, Iowa; Chichester, West Sussex, UK;: Wiley-Blackwell.       
Oermann, M. H., & Hays, J. C. (2016). Writing for publication in nursing (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.  
Taylor, D. B. (2014). Writing skills in nursing and healthcare: A guide to completing successful dissertations and theses. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.
Original Author
This guide was originally created by Julia Rodriguez, Associate Professor at Kresge Library.

Julia Rodriguez is currently the Health Sciences and Scholarly Communications Librarian. From 2008 to 2020, her professional focus also included serving as the nursing librarian and this content is the result of that work.
Revelant Library Tutorials
Research Unbound
The goal of this tutorial is to equip students with the skills needed to be an effective researcher. It takes about 45-60 minutes to complete. At the end, participants can complete a short quiz - with a grade of at least 80%, they earn a badge of completion.

Plagiarism Tutorial
The purpose of this tutorial is to give students a greater understanding of academic integrity and plagiarism, how and when to use sources, and how to quote, paraphrase, and cite correctly. It takes about 45-60 minutes to complete. At the end, participants can complete a short quiz - with a grade of at least 80%, they earn a badge of completion.
Tutorials and guides
Literature Review tutorials:
Database tutorials
Writing Help

The Writing Center at Oakland University will assist students in developing their ideas into polished final products. The Center's services are in high demand so be sure to plan ahead when scheduling an appointment. The Writing Center can be found on the main floor of Kresge Library. 



Refworks allows you to create a personal database of references and automatically generate formatted bibliographies for your projects.

APA 7th Edition
APA 7 style and grammar guidelines
Summary of the official guidelines

APA 7 style guide and tips
Detailed guide from Excelsior OWL

Sample APA papers and templates
Shows detailed formatting with comments

APA Manual 
Available for shared use only in Kresge Library
Additional APA 7 Tutotials
You can find many videos on YouTube that introduce the basics of APA style. However, it is very important to make sure that you are using resources specific to the most current edition - APA 7th edition. Below are a few recommendations of video tutorials.

APA Videos You can also see the playlist of over 20 videos and select specific ones to watch.
Resources for creating posters
Guide to Poster Sessions
This multi-page online resources talks about poster sessions, including their purposes, their audiences, and the appropriate writing style for scientific posters. You are welcome to navigate its table of content online or get a printer-friendly PDF version if you want to save a copy for your reference.

Poster Design - Best Practices
This guide covers the basics of designing an effective academic poster.

 OU SON Poster Template pptx 
A three-column poster template with the OU School of Nursing logo.

PPTX Poster Templates
You can design a poster in PowerPoint by customizing the size of the slide and then designing all elements from scratch. Free online templates save you the time in resizing a slide, making columns, and creating other key layout features.



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