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LIBRARY GUIDE TO WRT 1060 - Library Instruction Resources

Library Instruction Content
The library instructional content for WRT 1060 is divided into three sections:
  1. Understanding the academic research process, which focuses on:
    1. Different kinds of information
    2. Who produces information in various formats
    3. The value that information has in different contexts 
  2. Searching strategically for information, which emphasizes:
    1. Developing meaningful research questions
    2. Finding different kinds of information, including from different perspectives 
    3. Evaluating the information we find
  3. Taking the next steps in your academic research, which highlights:
    1. Making connections across, and asking questions from, the information we've found
    2. Acknowledging our own biases in looking for information
    3. Seeing ourselves as information producers as well as consumers
All students should work through this online content:

Click this link to enter the micro-course

For Technical Assistance with Online Module
Contact Amanda Nichols Hess, Coordinator of Library Instruction and Research Help, at nichols@oakland.edu.
Additional Resources
Helpful library micro-courses, which award credentials if you complete them: Online handouts, summarizing the key points from each part of the online instruction: You need to be logged into your OU-provided Google account to access these documents.
Research Help
WRT 1060 instructors and OU librarians are pairing up in the winter 2022 semester to support students - you can view the list to find the librarian for your class.

If you need research help, sign up for a research consultation with your course librarian to get 1:1 virtual help with your research.
Student Learning Outcomes for WRT 1060
As a result of this online instruction, students will be able to:
  • Define "information," and different types of information available, in 21st century life
  • Apply strategies to determine what kinds of value different information has for different purposes
  • Create inquiry-based research questions
  • Use a variety of approaches to search for information in intentional, strategic ways
  • Identify different perspectives on a topic or idea
  • Determine the credibility of an information source on a certain topic or idea
  • Make connections between ideas and questions they find in various information sources
  • Acknowledge and check their own biases in looking for information
  • Situate themselves as producers of information in 21st century life
These outcomes relate to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Last updated May 2021


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