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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Archaeology Pathfinder

This pathfinder will list Internet sites only. For print sources in anthropology and archaeology and periodical indexes, see Anthropology.
Dictionaries and Glossaries
Alphadictionary.com - There are several dictionaries on this site.
Gateways Directories

Archaeology Gateway - Covers topics regions and see the Table of Contents, especially digital collections and general links.

Archaeology Resources on the Internet- Covers regions, topics, networking, documentation, academic departments. Great source.

Voice of the Shuttle - Covers:

General Archaeology Resources
 .  Works, Sites, Projects (Archaeology)
 .  Museums (Archaeology)
 .  Archaeological Historical Preservation
 .  Course Syllabi & Teaching Resources (Archaeology)
 .  Journals (Archaeology)
 .  Depts. & Programs (Archaeology)
 .  Listservs & Newsgroups (Archaeology)
 .  Conferences (Archaeology)

Yahoo - Covers many topics such as garbology, mummification, Egyptology, to name a few.

General Resources

ArchAtlas - Provides satellite imagery of the spread of agriculture, trade and urbanism.

Archnet Homepage - This site has a number of great features: a search that allows basic and advanced searches; regional views whereby you can click on a continent and be taken to a number of links; and Topical Selections, that takes you to a number of alpha arranged sites.

Bubl Link - Covers:

Online Archaeology - Look off to the left and you will see links to articles, books, jobs, blogs, etc.

Historical Archaeology on the 'Net - Covers:
Bibliographies | Reference Books | Companies Doing Historical Archaeology | Funding Sources |
| Library | Historical Archaeology Links | Historical Archaeology Discussion Lists | Other Stuff | Email |

Archaeology Data Service - "The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resources. It does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in archaeology. The ADS promotes good practice in the use of digital data in archaeology, it provides technical advice to the research community, and supports the deployment of digital technologies." You can search by maps, resources or do basic and advanced searches.

Internet Archaeology - This is an e-journal.

Archaeology Discussion Lists

Archaeology Interactive Dig - Sites change; here are some recent ones.

Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project
Join Benjamin Goetsch and his team and their international colleagues as they finish excavation of the Pisa Wreck and begin a survey off the coast of Crimea.

Unlocking a Civil War Prison
Join archaeologist David Bush beyond the "dead line" at Johnson's Island, Ohio. This season, investigation of the prison hospital continues.

City in the Clouds
We take you back to Sagalassos, a classical city perched high in the mountains of southwestern Turkey.

About Archaeology
Look at the navigation bar at the left and you will find topics including ideas for term papers.

The Archaelology Channel - Provides acess to a large collection of streaming videos.

Archaeology - A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America Contains blogs, articles, interactive digs, videos and more.

Anthropology Sources on the Internet  Despite its title the focus is on Archaeology. Covers by region and topic.

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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