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LIBRARY GUIDE TO British History Pathfinder


Meta Sites

WWW-VL: History of the United Kingdom
This the best meta site here.

American and British History Research Links
This is a very fine site strong on American history. Scroll down and you will find many English texts from the Sixteenth-Nineteenth centuries.


Encyclopaedia of British History 1500-1980

British History
Essays on a variety of topics.

Medieval England
Covers personalities, events and topics.


Victoria Research Web
Covers archives, libraries, bibliographies and discussion groups.

Victorian Studies on the Web
Covers recent books, articles and announcements.

The Victorian Web
Covers all areas of knowledge, such as religion, science, technology, philosophy and history. Many links to original sources.

Mass-Observation Archive
Specializes about everyday life in Britain from 1937- early 1950's.

Discussion forum for British and Irish history.

Historical Text Archive
Not really historical texts but a collection of almost 300 sites on many topics.

Britain's Age of Empire Index
This is good for biography, including prime ministers, church history, original texts and sources, to name a few.

Medieval English Towns

Value of Money
Current Value of Old Money
Many sites providing historical information on wages, costs and cost of living.

National Archives
Thousands of maps on hundreds of subjects.

Historical Maps

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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