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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Civil Liberties Pathfinder

Internet Resources


America Responds to Terrorism

Scroll down to Civil Liberties in Wartime and you will find these links:

  • The Patriot Act: What Is the Proper Balance Between National Security and Individual Rights? (NEW)
  • Wartime and the Bill of Rights: The Korematsu Case
  • Military Tribunals
  • Lincoln and the "Writ of Liberty"
  • The Palmer "Red Raids"
  • A "Clear and Present Danger"
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts: Defining American Freedom (NEW)
  • The Information Revolution: A Hypothetical Case
  • Do We Need a New Constitutional Convention?

People for the American Way

This is a very liberal organization. It has headlines and feature articles and off to the left you will see Defending Constitutional Liberties and Promoting Civil Rights and Equal Rights. Click on these and you will get other resources.

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights on the World Wide Web
No organization on this site but an alpha listing of sites.

You Can’t Say That! The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws.
This site contains excerpts from the author's book. Click on Chapter 7, which deals with public accommodations and the threat to private organizations and here are some of the sites you will find:

    Biography and articles: www.AEI.org
    Biography and links: en2.Wikipedia.org
    Conversation with Bork: www.UncommonKnowledge.org
    Quotes: www.ConservativeForum.org
    Manuscript Collection at Radford University: Lib.RUNet.edu
    Abner Mikva, "In Memoriam - Arthur J. Goldberg, The Practitioner": www.SupremeCourtHistory.org
    Biography: www.US-Israel.org
    Biography: www.SupremeCourtHistory.org
    Bibliography: IndyLaw.Indiana.edu
    Biography and other information: www.Oyez.org
Internet Law Library: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

This is an alpha arranged site, international in scope.

The Legal Information Institute
This site is from Cornell. Look at the navigation bar at the left as it will lead you to many topics, such as laws in various jurisdictions, court opinions, constitutions and codes, etc. Here are four sources from this site that merit special attention:

Each of these sites consists of an overview, federal statutory decisions, federal laws, federal and state judicial decisions, international conventions, important internet links and more.

First Amendment Center Covers speech,assembly,speech and press.

Guantanamo Bay
From the Defense Department


Human Rights and Civil Liberties Links
This is an alpha list of organizations, some documents too.


Core Documents of US Democracy

Constitution of the United States

Find Law
Good for full text of Supreme Court decisions back to 1999 and biographical information on justices. The court docket is also here.


Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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