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LIBRARY GUIDE TO German Art Pathfinder

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In the catalog the subject heading is art germany
Encyclopedias and Overviews

Grove Art Online - This is a good place to explore your topic; notice the search engine. Think of topics like Bauhaus, DaDa, Expressionism, German Art or of people like Klee. Don't forget to logout.



German Artists - Arranged by century.

German Art and Culture - This site has many links to people, museums and movements in German art.

Cartoonists and Illustrators - 1930-1945.

German Galleries - Good for galleries and current art exhibitions. Other sites for galleries include Museums and Galleries.

German Expressionism - This site is an essay with several links.

German Art

Arts - This site is from the German Embassy. There are links to visual arts such as photography, design and graphic arts.

Famous Expressionists Artists -

Expressionism Bibliography - This site is a bibliographic essay.

German Art in Its Nazi Expression - Several examples of the "romantic" "blood and soil" pictures favored by the Nazis.

20th Centurty Art - Many links to DaDa and Expressionism with images.

Deutschsprachige Museen und Kuenstler - Several links to museums and artists, some in German.

ArtLex on German Art Good for images.



ARTstor Browse by subject or use the search engine.

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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