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LIBRARY GUIDE TO History of Science Pathfinder


Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists. (older edition in print, Ref. Q 141 .C128 1996)

Dictionary of Scientists If link is dead click on home and type in title.

Women in Science.
Internet Resources

Encyclopedias and Overviews

History of Science and Technology (from Wikipedia)


Voice of the Shuttle Covers: Kuhn, Galileo, medieval science, astronomy and physics history, science and technology.

History of Science and Medicine Covers: natural science; physical science; medical history, evolution and history of technology.

Christianity and the Rise of Science This is an essay with links on topics such as Aristotle, the Dark Ages.

Centre for the History of Science Covers:

* General
* Biographies
* Bibliographies
* Topics
* Scientific Instruments, globes and maps
* Musea, Institutes and Societies
* E-texts
* Persons
* Journals
* Libraries
* The Low Countries

Resources for the History of Science on the Internet This is an eclectic assortment of links. 

Resources for Research in the History of Science This is fantastic site. It has a tutorial for the history and philosophy of science, lists, gateways, images, museums, resources on specific topics and individuals and historiography. Not working right now

History of Chemistry, History of Science, and Scientific Biography Covers:

* Collections of short biographies
* Sites devoted to the life and work of an individual of importance to chemistry
* Historical developments in chemistry
* Original texts
* Reference materials and directories in history of science
* Exhibits and museums
* Current chemistry sites

Open Directory Project Covers:

* Agriculture
* Archaeology
* Astronomy
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Engineering and Technology
* Geology
* Math
* Medicine
* Paleontology
* Physics
* Psychology
* Historians of Science
* Institutions
* Journals
* People

 Echo Research Center "Echo's research center catalogues, annotates, and reviews sites on the history of science, technology, and industry. You can browse our database of over 5,000 sites by topic, time period, publisher or content using the links to the right, use the box below to search the center directly or use our advanced search functions to narrow things down even further." Covers:


* Earth Sciences
* Physical Sciences
* Life Sciences
* Medicine/Behavioral Science
* Aviation/Space Exploration
* Engineering
* Computers/Information Technology
* Consumer Technology
* Industrial/Military Technology
* Philosophy of Science

Historical Period

* Ancient (BCE-400 CE)
* Middle Ages (5th-15th Century)
* Early Modern (15th-18th Century)
* Modern (18th-20th Century)
* Contemporary (Post-WWII)


* Links
* Images
* Audio
* Exhibit
* Educational
* Video
* Primary Source
* Secondary Source
* Biographical
* Artifacts

History and Philosophy of Science Covers:

* Academic Libraries / Archives / Museums
* Ancient History of Science
* Archives
* Archives Collections Finding Aids
* Audiovisual / Specific Media Collections
* Digital Repositories
* Epistemology of Science
* Ethics of Science
* Ethics of Technology
* Historiography of Science
* History of Astronomy
* History of Biology
* History of Chemistry
* History of Libraries
* History of Mathematics
* History of Medicine
* History of Philosophy of Science
* History of Physics
* History of Science
* History of Technology
* Introduction to History of Science
* Introduction to Philosophy of Science
* Libraries
* Library Collections Finding Aids
* Metaphysics of Science
* Museum Collections Finding Aids
* Museums / Art Galleries
* Museums, Libraries, Archives
* National Libraries / Archives / Museums
* Philosophy of Biology
* Philosophy of Mathematics
* Philosophy of Physics
* Philosophy of Science
* Philosophy of Social Science

Transistorized: the history of the invention of the transistor


A History of Science Vol. 1

A History of Science Vol. 2

A History of Science Vol. 3

A History of Science Vol. 4

Internet History of Science Sourcebook

History of Science Title Pages "The University of Oklahoma has digitized the title pages of 8,300 books in the History of Science Collections. Many of these books are rare and/or fragile. The purpose of the digitization project was to offer author/title access to all the items in the History of Science Collections, a small portion of which had not yet been cataloged. It also allows scholars the opportunity to study printer’s devices, author’s autographs and other provenance which occur on these title pages. Access to the Collections is now available for all materials through the letter P of their classification scheme in materials from the 15th century through the current year. However, some materials from the 18th century onward have been scanned through the letter X. Plans for completion of the title page project are in progress."

Historical Text Archive

History of Science and Technology. "The History of Science and Technology Collection brings together in digital facsimile two categories of primary and secondary publications: writings about scientific research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and unique or valuable titles in science and technology held by the UW-Madison libraries."

Einstein Archives Online

Linus Pauling Research Notebooks

The Newton Project

The Race for DNA: A Documentary History

The Aldo Leopold Archives "Aldo Leopold is considered by many to have been the most influential conservation thinker of the 20th Century. Leopold's legacy spans the disciplines of forestry, wildlife management, conservation biology, sustainable agriculture, restoration ecology, private land management, environmental history, literature, education, esthetics, and ethics. He is most widely known as the author of A Sand County Almanac , one of the most beloved and respected books about the environment ever published. The Leopold Collection houses the raw materials that document not only Leopold's rise to prominence but the history of conservation and the emergence of the field of ecology from the early 1900s until his death in 1948."

Discussion Groups

H-Sci-Med-Tech Good for reviews and discussions.


Reading the History of Western Science: A List of Good Places To Start


History and Philosophy of Logic Mathematics and Science "We are a Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities Working Group devoted to the discussion of historical and philosophical issues in symbolic logic, mathematics, and science. We meet on occasional Wednesday evenings for a talk and a lively discussion."

History of Science Society

Society for the History of Technology

European Society for the History of Science

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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