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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Christian Ethics Pathfinder

Encyclopedias and Overviews
Christian Ethics Wiki

Judeo-Christian Wiki

Social Gospel

Natural Law Wiki

Catholic Social Teaching Wiki

Ethics Catholic Encyclopedia.  Also look at specific issues such as lying or related fields like social morality.

Orthodox Wiki

Society of Christian Ethics  Look at Resources.

Christian Ethics Today  Online journal.

Paul Tillich Wiki

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Wiki

Category:Christian Ethicists Wiki

Jesus Wiki  See also the Orthodox Wiki and the Catholic Encyclopedia

The Ethics of Capital Punishment

Christian Ethics  Essays by important writers.

Center for Applied Christian Ethics

Pope Benedict Forum

Moral Theology Many sites on moral theology and Christian social ethics; good for papal encyclicals.  Also look at Papal Encyclicals Online. You can search by pope or type in ethics, social, capital, labor, etc.

Christian Ethics  Short essay with links  to related fields

Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics

NB:  You can explore specific issues by typing in "Christian ethics" abortion and so on.  You might try homosexuality, capital punishment, environment , stem cell research, euthanasia, sexuality, etc.  Be sure to put quotation marks around Christian ethics.  Or, you could search under "Christian social ethics."  Also see ethics subjects at religion-online.

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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