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LIBRARY GUIDE TO HOW TO update your links to the new Library OneSearch

Help, my link is broken!

Do you have a link from the old version of our system that has stopped working?  Don’t worry-- here’s how to find the new link to your book or journal.

From the Library homepage, find the search box in the center.  Click the link next to it that says Advanced Search.  You’ll see a page that looks like this:
Primo Advanced Search


Take a look at the first line in the block of search options.  The space to the left where it says “any field” is a drop-down menu.  Select “Title” from the list and type in the title of your book or journal.  In the options on the right where it says “Material Type”, select what you’re looking for from the list.  If you have other information you want to include in your search, add it underneath where you listed the title-- in this example, we included the author of the book we’re searching for.  Here’s an example:

Primo Book Title Search

Here’s another example, with a journal instead of a book:

Primo Journal Title Search

When you’re ready, click the Search button to get a list of results.  Each record lists the title, author, and whether your item is available at Kresge.  If we have multiple versions of something, it will tell you that too-- selecting a “multiple versions” listing will show you the copies we have:

Primo Search Results Page

Click on the version you want to link to, and it will open the information page for that item:

Primo Item Information Page

Here you will find all kinds of information about the book or journal.  One of the options near the top will help you fix your broken link-- the Permalink button.

Primo Permalink Button

Click the button!  The page will display the permalink and give you the option to copy it to your clipboard.  This is the link you can use to replace your broken one.

Primo Permalink

Need more help?  Contact the Research Help Desk.

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