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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Philosophy Pathfinder

Literati is a library guide that mines the information from the online Credo reference books. At the top you will see a navigation  bar with links to the branches of philosophy. easter and western philosophy, etc

 A Dictionary of Philosophy  available online through Credo Reference)

Dictionary of Existentialism (Ref. B . D 455 1999)



. We have three books in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series (available online): Medieval Philosophers ); British Philosophers,1500-1799  and British Philosophers, 1800-2000 ( These are outstanding sources. Essays are fifteen pages or more and treat the subject in a critical manner. Good suggestions for further research, including location of papers. Great Thinkers, A-Z -- available online).

Online, The Window: Philosophers gives thumbnail sketches of (mostly) western philosophers. Links to other sources. Better is Philosophers & Works. Epistemelinks' Philosophers is good, too, as it connects you to many web sites for a philosopher. See also Biographical History of Philosophy from its Origins in Greece down to the present day.
Internet Sites

Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base. Has a search engine plus subjects.

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought. Excellent source for philosophers.

A-Z: The Philosophy of (Almost) Everything. Good for unusual philosophy links.

The Ten Big Questions. Coverage:

Big Bang Theory — how and why did the universe begin?
Time Travel — is time travel physically or logically possible?
Meaning of Life — what's the point of living? why are we here?
Creation vs. Evolution — are we descended from apes?
Artificial Intelligence — could a computer have a mind?
Life After Death — what is death and why should we fear it?
Extraterrestrial Life — are we alone in the universe?
Cultural Relativism — are moral values relative or absolute?
Ethical Dilemmas — how do we decide between right and wrong?
Social Justice — should the rich help the poor?

Internet Public Library: Philosophy

OU Philosophy Departments Links. This an assortment of links, some of which are covered in this pathfinder. Nonetheless, check it out.

Ethics Updates. Covers two main areas: ethical theory and applied ethics. Also a section on resources.

Philosophy Pages. Emphasis on western philosophy. Covers four main areas: a dictionary; history of western philosophy; major figures in philosophy and logic.

Concepts: The Way of the Intellect This is an alpha arrangement of hundreds of sites.
Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.
What Can I do with a degree in Philosophy and
Writing A Philosophy Paper

A Brief Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers.  How to pick a topic, document, and what to avoid.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper.  This site is one professor's directions to his students.

Evaluating Internet Research Sites.  This site is a must read for all those who think anything can be found on the Internet.

People with Online Papers in Philosophy

PhilSci Archives - This is an electronic archive for pre-prints in the philosophy of science.


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