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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Physics Pathfinder

Internet Sources

Ready Reference

Units Converter

Web Elements

The Laws List Laws, principles, rules, etc. in physics.

The "Virtual" Physics Center. This book is kind of like an on-line CRC.

Symbols Used in Problems

Nobel Laureates in Physics

Contribution of Twentieth Century Women to Physics

Tables of Physical Data

Physics reference Tables

Physics and Astronomy Reference

Reference Tables for Physical Setting

Atomic and Nuclear Physics Constants


DC Physics Here are some links you will find:

  • Animations / Simulations
  • Employment
  • General Physics
  • Hobby Physics
  • Humor - Physics
  • Humor - Math
  • Journals and Magazines
  • Lecture Notes
  • News Sources
  • Reference Desk (tables, constants, etc.)
  • Research Papers in Physics
  • Software (download shareware & freeware)
  • Textbooks (online)
  • Tutorials (online)

Help for Physics Students

Physics 2000 - ". . . an interactive journey through modern physics!" Covers three main headings: Einstein's legacy; the atomic lab and science trek.

Physics Central covers six main areas: people in physics; physics in pictures; physics news; physics links; how something works; and essays from physics authors.

Physics.org - Interactive sites that explain the general universe.

PhysNet - This site is good for links to physics departments worldwide, conferences and jobs

Einstein Light - Presents the idea of relativity.

National Climatic Data Center - Focuses on archives of weather and climate data.

American Nuclear Society - Covers:  Membership Information; Honors and Awards; Career Center;  Advertising; Public Information; Meetings; Publications; Standards; ANS Store; Units.

Internet Public Library's Physics Resources

NIST Virtual Library

Meta and Directory Sites

Virtual Library:  Physics 

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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