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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Primate Behavior Pathfinder

Primate Behavior Covers Social Structure, Communication

Related Internet Sites
Primatology Research Institute Links:

Primate Species Links:

Primate Communication Links:

Primate Intelligence Links:

Other Related Links:

Biological Anthropological Section of AAA

Behavioral Research Blog


Primate Behavior and Evolution Bibliography

What Does it Mean to be Human?

Learning About Gorillas

Scientist Finds the Beginning of Morality in Primate Behavior

Animal Behavior Links Covers:

 Introduction & History of Animal Behavior
Navigation, Orientation & Communication
Behavioral Genetics
Primate Behavior
 Rat Training
Learning & Instinct
Social Behavior
Animal Behavior Resources
Wall Seeking
Evolution of Behavior
Conservation & Ecology Links

Monkey Matters Favorite Information Sites Covers:
  • American Journal of Primatology Official Journal of the American Society of Primatologists.
  • Animal Diversity Web Great searchable database with info on specific species.
  • Aye-Aye's Primate Primer Learn about primates.
  • D. Formenti's links: Primatology Extensive links to primate resources, assorted by category.
  • Laboratory Primate Newsletter The Laboratory Primate Newsletter provides a central source of information about nonhuman primates and related matters to scientists who use these animals in their research and those whose work supports such research.
  • Living Links Instead of hunting for missing links, why not focus on the living links between humans and their primate relatives?
  • Primata Contains information on the theories of primate evolution, how platyrrhines arrived on South America, tree-shrews as primates, a taxonomy of extinct primates, a listing of links on the web about primate evolution, morphology, range, ecology, locomotion, social behavior, communication, and reproduction of each species of primate.
  • Primata Links Links found on the web that relate to primate behavior.
  • Primate Behavior Database Primate fact sheets.
  • Primate Report The Primate Report publishes original papers, abstracts and contributions from the meetings of national and international primatological societies, from symposia as well as book reviews. Special issues like surveys on primatological activities in habitat countries and census of captive primates in the Old World countries complete the spectrum.
  • Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center Excellent source for primate information. Home of the Primate Info Net.
  • Zoology / Primates Extensive information about primates.

Primate Behavior Good for organizations.

The Evolution of Primate Behavior Scholarly article

Mendeley Good for papers and groups.
Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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