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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Reformation Pathfinder


The Catholic Encyclopedia 1913 ed. Be sure to look under other subjects too, like Luther, Calvin, Trent, etc.

Internet Resources


The Reformation - Nice overview with contrasting differences at the bottom.

History of the Christian Church by Phillip Schaff.

The History of Protestantism by James Wylie.

N.B.: The above two books are over 100 years old.

Society for Reformation Studies - Good for listing of organizations and societies. Also see the Society’s home page.

Reformation History
This site is good for the English Reformation

History of Protestantism Wiki essay


The Philip Melancthon Quinquennial

Biography of Martin Luther


H-German - Good for discussions and book reviews.


The Reformation Timeline - Covers the English, Lutheran Reformations and the Thirty Years War.

Chronology of the Magisterial Reformation


Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern Germany: Primary Documents

Project Wittenberg - Good for writings of Luther and others. Some biographical too.

Martin Luther’s German Writings - Has a search engine--good for searching by word.

The Magisterial Reformation - This is good for select writings of Luther and Calvin and also useful for information on events and people.

Reformation - Good for selected writings of Luther, Calvin, Melancthon and Zwingli.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Good for critics of Catholicism before Luther and the Catholic Reformation. Recheck link

The Catholic Reformation - Texts of Loyola and other writers.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook - In addition to the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, this site covers women and conflicts. Recheck link

The Protestant Reformation - Good for Confessions other than Lutheran and the English and Scottish Reformations.

Luther’s Preface to the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans

Internet Archive of Texts and Documents:The Protestant Reformation


Reformation Picture Gallery

My Lord Katie: Katherina von Bora Luther


A Brief Glossary of the Medieval and Reformation Church


Select Bibliography of the Reformation

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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