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LIBRARY GUIDE TO Russian Politics Pathfinder

This pathfinder will consist of Internet sites. For print titles of encyclopedias, etc., see my Russian History pathfinder.
Internet Sites

GATEWAYS - You will find the meta sites useful for exploring other aspects of Russia, such as the economy or society.

Russian Internet Resources
Of the five sources in this area, this one is the best for a tour d' horizon of Russia on the Internet. Scroll down to government

HierosGamos, #1 Law Research Center: Russia
Another fine site with an unusual name. Be sure to click on Government.

Internet Resources on Russia and the CIS



CIA World Factbook

Russia – A Country Study

Country Profile: Russia



REES WEB - Click on Browse Subject and you get a drop down menu. You can search by subject, region, culture and time period.

Parties and Organizations - Covers the constitutions, elections, government.

H-Russia - This is a discussion site; also good for book reviews

Russian Federation - This site covers media, elections and parties.

Governments on the WWW: Russian Federation - This is good for ministries and regional authorities.

Political Parties

Political Parties and Movements - Government websites. Scroll down to Russia


Russian Legal Server - Good for laws, legal news and essays on the legal system.


Russia Votes - " This website combines resources of the two centres to present uptodate monthly results for monthly Russian surveys; trend analyses from August, 1999, a month before Vladimir Putin became prime minister; and information about the Russian elections relevant for the Duma election in December, 2007 and the presidential election scheduled for March, 2008. For further information email cspp@abdn.ac.uk or agrazhd@levada.ru."

Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation

Elections to the State Duma, 2003 - Includes documents, press releases and publications.


Legislation Russia - Legislation, laws.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation


The President of the Russian Federation


Russian Legal Information Sources - There is a good diagram of the Russian judiciary on this site.


Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives


Russian and the Former Soviet Republics Maps

The Russia Gazeteer



The Voice of Russia

Russia Today - Political and business information.

Bellona Foundation - News on environmental issues.

Jamestown Foundation - There are a number of "papers" on this page, mostly related to terrorism.

Country Briefings - From the Economist.

Russian News Resources - Most are in English.


Online Books Page - There are a number of books here from different periods.

Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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