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I have interpreted Sociology quite literally.  There are several encyclopedias tangential to Sociology, such as those dealing with violence, social history, homosexuality, etc. that I have not discussed.  You will find them in the HM - HQ area.

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (Ref. HM 425 .B53 2007) is an 11-volume source . Also online. The entries are scholarly. Encyclopedia of Sociology  (Ref. HM 17 .E5 2000) and online. This five-volume work is another good place to get comprehensive articles. Alphabetically arranged, the articles are long, written by scholars and include bibliographies.  There are two other encyclopedias that the reader should be aware of, both of which embrace the entire social sciences.The Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (Ref. H 41 .E46)  was published during the years 1930-1935. Arranged by subject, the essays are up to four pages long and were written by luminaries in the field. This title is updated by theInternational Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences  (also available in print, Ref. H 40 .A2 I5 2008), a 9-volume set. Encyclopedia of Social Theory (Ref. HM 425 .E47 2005) provides current interpretations on 336 topics such as game theory or deconstruction. Encyclopedia of Community (Ref. HM 756 .E53 2003) contains 500 entries and 266 sidebars on topics such as blogs or online communities. Encyclopedia of Diasporas (Ref. HM 843 .E53 2004) is a two- volume source that covers topics and communities. Encyclopedia of Social Psychology (Ref. HM 1007 .E53 2007) is a two volume set that contains scholarly articles and entries on such topics as The Prisoner's Dilemma, deviance, gender differences and hundreds of other concepts. Encyclopedia of Gender and Society - search by theme or A-Z. World of Sociology discusses concepts.



We have several dictionaries ranging from the short entry to more comprehensive articles. Among the former are Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology (Ref. HM 17 .J64 2000) and A Dictionary of Sociology (HM 17 .C66 1998). A Critical Dictionary of Sociology (Ref.HM 17 .B6813 1989 ) provides longer essays, up to several pages, on key concepts in sociology. The reader is also advised to consult two other works in the social sciences. Dictionary of the Social Sciences (Ref. H 41 .G6) describes  and defines one thousand basic concepts in the social sciences.  A Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory.  provides definitions of cultural and critical terms, such as deconstruction or hermeneutics. World of Sociology provides short definitions and bios.

A guide will identify reference books, such as bibliographies and encyclopedias, and sometimes monographs in a certain field. Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources (Ref. HM 51 .A2 A24 2005) identifies the important reference works in various fields of sociology, e.g., marriage and the family. See Part 111, Sources of Information in the Social Sciences (Ref. H 61 .A1 S666 1986). It identifies reference books, monographs and journal in sociology (pp.275-331).
Internet Sites

Meta Sites

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology covers these topics:Link dead well recheck

  • Institutions - Departments
  • Associations & Organizations
  • Directories of Resources
  • Discussions: Newsgroups, Listservs, Chats, IRCs
  • Research Centres
  • Databases & Archives
  • Courses & Curricula Resources
  • Journals & Newsletters
  • Theories
  • Software Resources
  • Miscellaneous
  • Related Fields


Intute: Sociology Coverage includes:

  • General Sociology
  • Culture and Identity
  • Economic Performance and Development (including Economic Sociology)
  • Governance and Citizenship (including Political Sociology)
  • Life Course, Lifestyles and Health
  • Knowledge, Communication and Learning
  • Sociological Theory

World Values Survey. "This is a place to learn more about values and cultural changes in societies all."

Internet Resources for Sociologists. And this an even bigger site. If you scroll down you will see subheadings such as Deviance, Society and Technology, etc.

A Sociological  Tour Through Cyberspace. Sites include sociological theory, general resources, methods and statistics and a search engine.
SocioSite.  I think that this is the best Internet source on sociology. It lists Subject Areas such as anti-semitism, Christianity, atheism; Departments; Publishers and so on.

SocioWeb. This site is another "directory" or meta-browser with links to other directories, departments, associations, and commercial sites. Includes a search engine.

Yahoo's Sociology. Arranged in a directory format with such categories as books, journals, institutes, religion, web directories and so on. Includes a search engine.
Sociolog. This is valuable because it has links to associations, institutions, departments, list serves and journals.

Dead Sociologists Society

Online Library of Liberty: Subject Area Sociology. Includes 29 texts of classic works in sociology.

Electronic Journal of Sociology. Covers peer reviewed journals. Includes a search engine. Also a good place to post your cv.

Gallup.com. Polling data back to 1951.


Bureau  of Justice Statistics

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is the world's largest collection of digital social science data. These data can be used for secondary research, instructional activities, and to write articles, papers or theses.

Statistical Sources on the Web:Sociology
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Dan Ring
Dan Ring The content of this guide was originally curated by Dan Ring.


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