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Finding an Article Based On Its Citation

Here is how to find an article for which you have a citation.

For electronic articles:
  • Enter as much information as you have on the article (title, author, journal...) in Library OneSearch advanced search. You can add additional search fields by clicking "add a new line".  When you see the right title in your search results, click on it to access the full text.
Screenshot of Library OneSearch Advanced Search with Add a New Line button highlighted.

For print articles:

Enter the journal title in Library OneSearch (Omit the initial "the" or "a" from the title). Click on the title from the list of results.

Note: You need to search for the title of the journal, not the title of the article in the journal.

Then note the location of the journal (call number) and go to the 4th floor of the library to find it.

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