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Evaluating Websites with the CRAAP Test

When you evaluate information you find on websites, it's important to consider several ideas:

  • Currency: How timely is the information you are reviewing? How important is timeliness to your topic?
  • Relevance: How important is the information you are reviewing to your information need, research topic, or question?
  • Authority: Who or what is the source of the information -- who wrote, published, distributed, or shared the information you are reading on the web? What were their goals or motivations?
  • Accuracy: How reliable, factual, true, or correct is the information you are reviewing? Is there evidence that you can back up, or facts you can check and verify? If not, why?
  • Purpose: What is the reason that the information you are reviewing online exists? What kind of information is it -- fact, opinion, propaganda, satire, etc.?
These five areas help you to more fully consider and evaluate information you find online.

To get more practice with these areas of website evaluation, you can try out this CRAAP Test Worksheet from Juniata College. You can also review how these areas are applied across a variety of online resources in OU Libraries' sequenced tutorial on Evaluating Information.

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