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Finding English language resources in Japan Knowledge Plus

Japan Knowledge Plus contains the Encyclopedia of Japan (in English) and several Japanese-English dictionaries.  Access to this resource can be found in the Databases section of the Kresge Library website. Use the alphabetical navigation at the top of the page to select the letter J, then select Japan Knowledge Plus.

This takes you to the Japan Knowledge homepage.  To enter the database from here, click one of the the institutional access login buttons.

Screenshot of Japan Knowledge homepage with login buttons highlighted.

Now click the large login button on in the upper right hand corner.

Japanese Knowledge Plus institutional login page with login button highlighted

This will take you to the main page.  One of the English-language sources you can use is the Encyclopedia of Japan, which can be accessed from the Advanced Search tab near the top left of the page.  If you hover your mouse over it, you can select Encyclopedia of Japan from the dropdown menu.  After you make your selection, the menu on the left of the page will switch to another menu in English.

Japan Knowledge Plus page with Advanced Search tab and Encyclopedia of Japan highlighted

The other English-language resources available to you are English-Japanese dictionaries.  You can find them in the menu on the left of the main page.  Select English from the menu on the left side of the page to see a list of dictionaries to choose from.

Japanese phrase for English language= English

Japan Knowledge Plus page with English menu and English language resources highlighted

Currently, the sources available to you are: 

Japanese phrase for Random House English-Japanese Dictionary= The Random House English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary = The Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary = The Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Cobuild English-Japanese Dictionary = COBUILD English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Cambridge British English = The Cambridge British English Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Physics and Chemistry English-Japanese Dictionary = Physical Sciences English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese phrase for Medical English-Japanese Dictionary = Medical English-Japanese Dictionary
Unno's Real English Dictionary
Progressive Business English-Japanese Dictionary
SPED Science and Technology English-Japanese Dictionary

Select the resources you'd like to work from, then use the search box near the top of the page to conduct your search.  Enter your keywords and click the Search button.  From this point forward, you should be able to search as you would in an English-language database.

Japan Knowledge Plus search button  = Search

Japan Knowledge Plus advanced search page with search box and search button highlighted

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