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Synopses of Studies

DEFINITION Synopses of studies are usually a one-page, structured summary of an individual study with expert commentary. These are only created for a small portion of the literature and are selected to be critically appraised based on their clinical relevance and interest. Therefore, it is good to look at them, but you may not find a synopsis of a study if you have a particular article in mind.

THE EVIDENCE Moving up the 6S pyramid, Synopses of Studies provide some expert critical appraisal on the methodology used and the relevance of the article to the field, and therefore a higher level of evidence than Studies, but we're still only looking at a single study.

KEY RESOURCES FOR LOCATING SYNOPSES OF STUDIES These types of articles are best found in ACP Journal Club and individual evidence-based medicine journals, such as Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Healthcare, and Evidence-Based Mental Health. We won't go into the mechanics of searching any of these resources here.

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