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Synopses of Syntheses

DEFINITION Synopses of Syntheses are exactly the same as Synopses of Studies, just with systematic reviews instead of single articles. As such, they are usually a one-page, structured summary of a systematic review with expert commentary. Again, not every systematic review or meta-analysis will have been reviewed and evaluated by an expert.

THE EVIDENCE Since synopses of syntheses provide some expert critical appraisal on the methodology used and the relevance of a systematic review or meta-analysis to the field, they have a higher level of evidence than systematic reviews.

KEY RESOURCES FOR LOCATING SYNOPSES OF SYNTHESES Just like synopses of studies, ACP Journal Club is one resource, however we're going to focus on the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects or DARE. DARE is available via Cochrane Library and PubMed Health and we recommend using PubMed Health.

   Search Strategies Again, there's not a lot of strategy to searching DARE in PubMed Health, except:
1) Make your search simple (probably no more than 3 - 4 terms)
2) Use the limits on the right hand side to select DARE under 'Content Providers' or Reviews from DARE under 'Additional Filters'


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