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Conclusion: Locating the Best Evidence

To conclude, when trying to locate the best available evidence for your patient and clinical care in general, there are numerous resources out there to choose from. The key is using the 6S Pyramid as one means of organizing these resources in a memorable and meaningful way to help you find the evidence quickly and efficiently.

The following image recaps the major resources at each level of the pyramid and reminds you to start from the top when searching for the evidence.
Complete 6S pyramid displaying each tier with corresponding resources. Starting at the top with Systems (integrated resources in EMR) followed by Summaries (DynaMed Plus, UpToDate), Synopses of Syntheses (ACP Journal Club), Syntheses (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, PubMed Health), Synopses of Studies (ACP Journal Club), and Studies (PubMed Clinical Queries). Arrow indicating to start your search with Systems and work down the pyramid.

Two emerging resources that attempt to search across all of the tiers of the 6S Pyramid are ACCESSSS from McMaster University and the Trip Database. Both are freely available online and link to library-subscribed content and free online content. These resources are still being modified and developed and haven't reached their full potential yet, but are worth taking a look at when you have a chance.

Finally, check out our comprehensive EBM Resources Online Guide for one-stop links to all things EBM. If you have any questions regarding evidence-based medicine resources, you can always contact the Medical Library at medref@oakland.edu or (248) 370 - 3772. Happy searching!

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