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Evaluating Information: A Sequenced Tutorial


What to look for…

How to judge….


How timely is the information?
When was the information first published?
Has it been updated or revised?


How well does the information address your needs?
How does the information relate to your topic?
Is the information similar in nature to other resources you are using?
Is this an acceptable format for your needs?


Who is responsible for the information?
Who is the author of the work?
Who is the publisher of the work?
What are the author’s credentials or affiliations?
Are the credentials of the author(s)/publisher(s) present?


How reliable or truthful is the information?
Are there references for the information presented?
Is there a research methodology?
Has the information been reviewed in some manner?
Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?


Who is the intended audience for the information?
Does the level of information presented match your level of research?
What is the objective of the information?
Is the information presented without bias?
Are there multiple viewpoints presented?


What is the purpose of the information?
Why has this work been created? To inform? To entertain? To sell?
Is the purpose of the information made clear?


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