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Evaluating Information: Accuracy

Judging information ACCURACY:

   How reliable or truthful is the information?
   Are there references for the information presented?
   Is there a research methodology?
   Has the information been reviewed in some manner?
   Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?

Look for keywords in the abstract to indicate what research methodology was used.  You should also look for links to the references that have been cited.

Article page with abstract text about methodology and citation numbers highlighted.

Many databases make it easy for you to see what references have been cited in a particular study. 

Article page with references tab and several reference records highlighted

Look for sections that clearly illustrate what research methodology was used in the study. 

Article page with Methodology heading highlighted

Taking a look at the publication:
Ulrich's Periodical Directory is a great resource to find out more information about a particular periodical. Journals marked with the referee shirt icon indicate that an article has been through the peer-review process. 

View of Ulrichs Web search results with searched journal title and referee icons indicated


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Evaluating Information Overview

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