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Finding Quality Sources

This table offers suggestions of different resources that learners can use to find different kinds of information for varying needs. You may also want to view the Different Types of Information Sources tutorial for additional resources. 

Consider Your Information Need:

Consider the Information Source:

Consider where to look:

I need an information source that can provide me with current information about my research topic.

Magazines and Newspapers

Subject Guide on News Resources through OU Libraries' website.

I need an information source that can provide me with current events, trends and best practices in a professional field.

Professional Trade Journals


Industry and Company websites

Access trade information through OU Libraries' subject-specific databases, especially in areas such as business, education, and the health sciences.

I need a research article that is written by scholars who are experts in their field of study.   

Academic Journals:

Access academic journals from OU Libraries.

I need information sources that will give me an introduction / background on my research topic.

Reference sources:

  • Encyclopedias

  • Handbooks

  • Dictionaries

  • Maps

  • Almanacs

Access reference sources from OU Libraries.

I need to use multimedia sources for my research.

  • Photographs

  • Paintings

  • Music

  • Film / Video

Access multimedia sources through using the "Type" facet in Library OneSearch.


Also, use the academic databases with images, audio, or video to find multimedia content through OU Libraries.


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