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Using New RefWorks Part 5: Reading and annotating documents

If you have uploaded PDF files into your new RefWorks account, you can read and annotate them (make notes on them) right inside of RefWorks. If you have shared these resources with others, they will see your notes.

Reading Documents in RefWorks:

Select the reference you want to read and click the "Read" button in the viewing pane.  The full document or article will open for you to read and annotate.  If the item does not contain a document, the reference metadata will display.


The READ button to read and annotate documents within RefWorks is highlighted.

You have several options, all of which can be found on the tool bar on the top of the page:

  • Return to your collection
  • Zoom in or zoom out on the document for enhanced viewing
  • Print a copy of the document
  • Download a PDF version of the document to your computer
  • Highlight certain portions of the text
  • Comment on the selected text
  • Add notes to the document that you are viewing
  • Edit the document reference data

The reading toolbar is found at the top of the document being read.

Annotating Documents in RefWorks

Once you have selected a document to read, you can annotate it by clicking the Document Notes icon  from the reader menu and entering your notes. Any note you type is automatically saved.


The notes features in RefWorks is highlighted.

If you want to highlight text, select the text using the Highlight Selected Text icon and select the words of text by clicking and dragging through the lines of text.

This image highlights how users can highlight portions of a document's text.

To remove highlighting, click the highlighted area until the delete option displays.  Click "Delete Conversation".

How a user can delete highlighting or other notations in RefWorks.

You may also click and drag using the Comment icon to highlight the text and make a comment on it.

The comment icon lets users make comments in documents in RefWorks.

Click on the three dots at the far right to change the color of your note, change the color of the highlighted text, edit your note, or delete your note altogether. 

Features to make changes to notes or annotations in RefWorks are highlighted.

For more information, check out this guide on using the new RefWorks.

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