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Using New RefWorks Part 2: Sharing resources

You can share resources in RefWorks with anyone else with a RefWorks account (either at OU or at another institution).
Click the Share & Export icon Share and Export icon from RefWorks or the Sharing menu item to start
The sharing icon in the RefWorks toolbar highlighted.
Select the collection to be shared and the groups with whom you will share it.

This image highlights how users can modify or set the sharing settings for RefWorks items.

Type the email address of the person (add one at a time) and select the level of access for the person you're inviting:
  • Read – view items and read documents
  • Annotate – view items, read documents, and annotate documents
  • Modify – view/read/annotate documents, edit existing annotations, add documents, remove documents, and add a note to an item

The different sharing permissions available in RefWorks: edit, comment, or view.

You can add a personal note before you click Share Collection.

The person you've invited will get an email notification, and a notification inside RefWorks, where they can accept (or reject) the invitation. If the person doesn’t have a RefWorks account, they will be asked to create one.

Viewing a collection's sharing status

To view what collections you have shared, look for the sharing icon next to the collection name.

The sharing icon in the RefWorks left side toolbar menu.

By selecting Sharing Settings from the menu, you can access the settings for your shared collection to modify them.

Users can review what they have shared in their RefWorks account with the Sharing settings button.

In the Sharing Settings you can also:

  • change the sharing from "private" to "institution" (which gives everyone in your institution access to your collection)
  • change individual access levels at any time after inviting someone
  • remove individuals from your collection by clicking the 'x' to the right of each address in the list
The different sharing settings as applied to different users in RefWorks.

For more information, check out this guide on using the new RefWorks. 

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